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Color Illustrations from ASP/Chandra "Sharp Focus" Meeting, Volume 262

This directory contains color illustrations from the Proceedings of the Sharp Focus meeting. The files are named by page number, author, and figure number (pPPP_AUTHOR_(f,F)igN.(ps,eps). The single illustration that appeared in color in the hardcopy is included as a PostScript and a JPEG image. All of the other files are only available as PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript, as supplied by the first author of the corresponding paper.

The files are available individually, or as a single gzipped tar file. Un-tar the file by:

    gunzip *tar.gz
    tar xvf *tar

If a figure is not on this list, it was not submitted to the proceedings editors in color.

- Eric M. Schlegel

sharp_focus_color_figs.tar.gz: all figures, gzipped tar file

p000_xiv_art_300dpi.jpg: hi-resolution version of S. Pothireddy's art from page xiv of the proceedings (jpg)
p000_xiv_art_300dpi.ps: hi-resolution version of S. Pothireddy's art (ps)
p002_part1_art.ps: art illustrating Sirius A and B
p007_lisse_Fig2.ps: X-ray, EUVE images of Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)
p023_kdennerl_fig1.eps: observed, modeled images of Venus
p030_part2_art.ps: art illustrating Sirius A and B
p053_linsky_fig1.eps: schematic model for Solar-type stars
p054_linsky_fig2.eps: schematic model for active stars
p055_linsky_fig3.eps: schematic model for response to a flare
p076_part3_art.ps: art illustrating Abell 2142 and 3C 273
p126_part4_art.ps: art illustrating M31 and NGC 1637
p133_prestwich_fig5.ps: X-ray color-color diagram-bulge vs. disk-dominated (note: color lines appear in print, but not on display)
p134_prestwich_fig6.ps: X-ray color-color diagram-starbursts (note: color lines appear in print, but not on display)
p137_prestwich_fig9a.ps: luminosity distribution-starburst formation
p137_prestwich_fig9b.ps: luminosity distribution-constant star formation
p172_part5_art.ps: art illustrating grating spectra of NGC 3783
p177_smathur_fig3.ps: HETG spectrum of MCG -6-30-15
p178_smathur_fig4.ps: HETG grating of Mrk 3
p214_part6a_art.ps: art illustrating grating observations of XTE J1118+480
p221_svrtilek_fig5.ps: spectra from the Antennae
p228_svrtilek_fig10.ps: multiwavelength spectrum of XTE J1118+480
p230_svrtilek_fig13.ps: Chandra spectra of SMC X-1
p230_svrtilek_fig14.ps: Chandra HEG grating of GRS1915+105
p250_part6b_art.ps: art illustrating grating image XTE J1118+48
p252_part7_art.ps: art illustrating X-ray novae
p282_part8_art.ps: art illustrating Chandra image of SNR E0102-72
p295_rudnick.fig1.ps: multi-wavelength images of Cas A
p310_vanderheyden_fig1.ps: continuum images of Cas A from XMM-Newton
p311_vanderheyden_fig2.ps: spectral fit parameters for Cas A from XMM-Newton
p312_vanderheyden_fig3.ps: abundance map of Cas A from XMM-Newton
p313_vanderheyden_fig4.ps: Doppler map of Cas A from XMM-Newton
p317_safiharb_fig2a.ps: band images of G292.0+1.8
p317_safiharb_fig2b.ps: line images of G292.0+1.8
p350_part9_art.ps: art illustrating Chandra image of Abell 1795
p352_mcnamara_fig1a.ps: smoothed Chandra image of Hydra A
p352_mcnamara_fig1b.ps: smoothed Chandra image of Perseus cluster
p354_mcnamara_fig2a.ps: smoothed Chandra image of Abell 2597
p354_mcnamara_fig2b.ps: expanded view of Abell 2597
p359_mcnamara_fig5b.ps: H-alpha image of Abell 1795
p359_mcnamara_fig5c.ps: Chandra image of Abell 1795
p371_bautz_Fig2.ps: adaptively smoothed Chandra image of Abell 2218
p374_bautz_Fig5.ps: adaptively smoothed Chandra image of MS1054-0321
p390_part10_art.ps: art illustrating Chandra image of the scattering halo of Cyg X-3

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