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Last modified: 28 May 2019


Processing status of CSC 2.0

This page is periodically updated to reflect the current status of the CSC 2.0. Up until the Galactic center - which is, by far, our largest set of overlapping stacks - the observations were processed in chunks, with all sources from a set of contiguous stacks being processed together. As the Galactic center region is so large, and is the only area of the sky left to process, the sources are now being added to the Current Database as they get processed. The list of stacks in CSC 2.0 and whether they have been fully processed is available as the text file: stacks.txt.

The catalog can also be viewed using the WorldWide Telescope, which lets users select stacks or sources.

The catalog was last checked at 2019-05-28 12:08.
Number processed Total number Completed
Sources 315880 315884 99%