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Last modified: 15 May 2019


Status and Version History

Current Schedule

Designation Date Description and Notes
CSC 2.0 Summer 2019

Full release of CSC 2.0.

CSC 2.0 pre1 2017-11-15

This pre-release adds source designations - that is, location and error; an estimate of the average aperture photometry; and the detections that form each source - to the CSC 2.0 pd2 release. The list contains 315,875 sources, formed from 374,349 detections (16 detections from the pd2 release have been rejected).

Note that this pre-release does not include the full characterisation for each source, such as the full set of aperture photometry measurements or spectral properties, nor does it include information on large, extended X-ray sources (the "convex hull" detections).

CSC 2.0 pd2 2017-09-18

Final detections from all 7,287 of the observation stacks in CSC 2.0. The release contains 374,365 positions, likelihoods, extents, a fitted intensity that is a reasonably good proxy for aperture photometry, along with associated errors for these quantities. The CSC 2.0 pd2 data access page provides access to the table as well as a full list of the properties and caveats.

This release extends the pd1 release to all observations that are included in CSC release 2.0, as well as fixing several issues with the pd1 release, as described in the caveats section. It also includes information on the observations used to create each stack, and images showing the approximate sky coverage of each stack.

CSC 2.0 pd1 2017-03-21

This release has been superseded by the CSC 2.0 pd2 release.

CSC 2.0 pd0 2015-08-03

This release has been superseded by the CSC 2.0 pd2 release.

Development History

Chandra Newsletter articles on the status of the Chandra Source Catalog.