Getting Load Histories

  Ok so you'd like to find out what loads were actually run, ignoring those loads
which were reviewed but never executed on the spacecraft.

  Or you wonder what kind of load FEB2717 was...Normal? TOO? SCS-107? Full Stop (i.e. BSH or NSM)

  Or you'd like to find all the TOO type loads in the last, say, 10 loads. (or SCS-107's or Normals, or Full Stops)

  Or you want to know what kind of loads the last, say, 15 loads were?

  You've come to the right place.

  I present for your consideration

    usage: [-h] [-c COUNT] [-t TYPE] load

    Load History Display

    positional arguments:
      load                  Beginning weekly load e.g. DEC0417

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -c COUNT, --count COUNT
                        How many loads in the chain to fetch
      -t TYPE, --type TYPE  All, Normal, TOO, STOP, SCS-107

  There are 3 arguments to the script:

  1. LOAD - Required argument. Supply the name of the load at which the history will begin. Example: DEC0417
    - Leave off the letter (i.e. A, B, C load etc.)

  2. COUNT - How many loads you want to chain back.
    - integer
    - Default will list loads going back to the JAN3017 load, inclusive.

  3. TYPE - Filter on the load type. Acceptable types are:
    All, Normal, TOO, STOP, SCS-107
    - Default is "All" - show all the loads in the chain going back COUNT loads, regardless of type
    - Case insensitive

How To Run:

  You can run this as yourself or acisdude.

  NOTE: The location of the program is temporary. When I have the BackstopCommandClass packaged it will change. When that happens, this document will be updated.

  1. cd to /data/acis/LoadReviews/script/backstop

  2. Run the command:
    - [load week] --count [integer] --type [All, Normal, TOO, STOP, SCS-107]

    - [load week] -c [integer] -t [All, Normal, TOO, STOP, SCS-107]

    - Example: DEC0417 --count 10 --type scs-107

A Few Remarks:

IMPORTANT!!! Back chaining requires that each load directory contain the ACIS-Continuity.txt file. The earliest load that has this file is the JAN3017 load. There are a smattering of other loads prior to JAN3017 that have the continuity files (e.g. JUN2016) but that's rare and only because super schedules or other test loads were based upon loads prior to the JAN3017 load.

If you have to use LR to test a load prior to JAN3017, you will have to create the ACIS-Continuity.txt file for the test load and all the contunuity loads as far back as you want to go.

  If you execute the command: DEC0417 --count 10 --type scs-107

  The tool will show you loads of type SCS-107 - if any - in the last 10 loads starting with load DEC0417 inclusive.
  It will NOT show you the last 10 loads of type SCS-107. DEC0417 --type scs-107

  Will show you all the loads of type SCS-107 starting from DEC0417 inclusive going all the way back to the JAN3017 load. DEC0417

  Will show you all loads of all types going all the way back to the JAN3017 load. DEC0417 -c 12

  Will show you the last 12 loads regardless of type.