Template Response

ACE p3 rates have [[ increased / held ]] to a value of [[ Rate ]]. At present, it appears that the rates [[ are rising / are stable ]]. The orbital fluence is currently [[ FluTot in 1e9 units ]]. The first opportunity for a commanded shutdown is at [[ Time of First Comm ]], with the next opportunity at [[ Time of Second Comm ]] and the time of RADMON disable is [[ Time of Radmon Disable ]]. The remainder of the orbit includes a XX ks ACIS-S/none observation, a [[ XX ks HRC observation, a XX ks ACIS/HETG observation, etc]]. The projected fluence, [[ Stating Assumptions, i.e., "assuming linear growth continues"]], for the first and second shutdown opportunities are [[ Flu1 and Flu2 ]], respectively. The corresponding fluence saved by shutting down at the first opportunity would be [[ DeltaFlu1 ]].

ACIS recommends [[ shutting down / waiting to see whether rates drop, etc. ]]