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Chandra Electronic Announcement #31


Two announcements :

1. Constellation X-ray Mission Town Hall Meeting at the AAS

2. Challenges in High Resolution Space Astronomy: Astrophysics, 
     Technology and Data Workshop


Item 1.  Constellation X-ray Mission Town Hall Meeting at the AAS

We encourage you to attend the Constellation X-ray Mission Town Hall meeting
at the Washington AAS on Monday Jan 9 (12:30-1:30 in Salon 1). The session 
coordinator is Harvey Tananbaum, Facility Science Team Chair.  
Planned speakers include:
Dr. Nick White (Con-X Project Scientist)
Dr. Michael Garcia (Con-X Science Lead)
Dr. Ann Hornschemeier (Con-X Deputy Project Scientist)

This one-hour town hall session will update the community on the
programmatic and technical advances that have been made recently on
the Constellation-X (Con-X) mission. With more than 100 times the
collecting area of any previous spectroscopic mission operating in the
0.25-40 keV bandpass, Con-X will enable high-throughput, high spectral
resolution studies of sources ranging from the most luminous accreting
supermassive black holes in the Universe to the disks around young
stars where planets form. Con-X is a key part of NASA's Science
Mission Directorate Beyond Einstein program.  This mission was ranked
next after JWST among major space missions in the US National Academy of
Sciences McKee-Taylor & Turner Committee report (the Decadal
Survey). For more information, AAS members are encouraged to visit the
Con-X website, constellation.gsfc.nasa.gov.


Item  2.  Challenges in High Resolution Space Astronomy: Astrophysics,
                Technology and Data

	   ** Abstract Deadline: 17 February 2006 **

	36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Beijing, China, 
		     16 - 23 July 2006. 

(See the main web site http://www.copernicus.org/COSPAR/ for details.)

This announcement is to solicit contributions to this COSPAR workshop in all
three areas. The program will consist of invited talks (chosen by the SOC) 
plus contributed talks and posters.

A limited amount of financial support will be available, please indicate 
the need when you submit your abstract.

Details of the session are given under "E1.5" on the COSPAR program page:

Abstracts should be submitted via the "Abstract Submission" link,
and logging in to "COSIS". [Registration is simple.]

 Purpose of Workshop:
The next generation of space observatories over the observable spectrum will 
need high resolution in both spatial and spectral domains. This workshop will 
be a 3-session, 1-1/2 day event to:
1) Introduce the astrophysical challenges that require high resolution (deep 
universe, complex fields, BH physics, motions,..)
2) Present space initiatives that will address issues and related technologies
3) Discuss the ensuing data challenges, in analysis, archives, and interfaces 
with the Virtual Observatory.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the Chandra X-ray Center (USA), the National
Astronomical Observatory of Japan, the National Virtual Observatory (USA), and
AstroGrid (UK).


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