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Chandra Electronic Announcement #59

One announcement:

1. Chandra Deep Field South Observations

Item 1.  Chandra Deep Field South Observations  

We are pleased to announce that, as a result of high overall observing
efficiency and slightly relaxed thermal constraints, the extension of
the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS) from 2Ms to 4Ms exposure will be
completed in late July 2010 rather than the originally planned Spring

We anticipate the data being released in late August 2010 about 4
weeks after the observations have been completed. All of the recent
DDT observations (~2Ms) will be merged for this release, as will the
full set of 4Ms of CDFS data. The Chandra Cycle 12 Peer Review
included a special call for archival research proposals to work with
the CDFS data, and the successful proposers will be funded to pursue
their identified research programs. Announcement of the Peer Review
results will be made in approximately 2 weeks. There is no proprietary
time associated with these CDFS data, so all interested parties are
welcome to pursue scientific investigations.  

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