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Chandra Electronic Announcement #62

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1. Update to Data Products for Chandra Deep Field South Observations

Item 1. Update to Data Products for Chandra Deep Field South Observations

The merged data sets of the nearly 4Msec of CDF-S observations were
released with a previous Announcement No. 61, and made available via

Due to a problem with bad pixel processing in one of the 2010 CDFS
observations (obsid=12218), a small percentage of events were
improperly omitted in the CDFS merged dataset that was released
on Aug 20. We have regenerated the merged data products and reposted
them with a description of the error.

For users working with CDFS data, you may choose to (hit Reply or)
email Tara Gokas at gokas@head.cfa.harvard.edu so that we can inform
you in the unlikely event that further updates about this dataset
might be required.  Otherwise, we urge you to check the above URL for
updates and information that you may find relevant to your analyses.


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