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Chandra Electronic Bulletin No. 59
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Chandra      |             CC     XX XX    OO OO          | CXC
Electronic   |            CC       XXX    OO   OO         | Number 59
Bulletin     |             CC     XX XX    OO OO          | March
             |              CCC  XX   XX    OOO           | 2007
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Welcome to the Chandra X-ray Center's Electronic News Bulletin Number 59.

CXC Web site: cxc.harvard.edu

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1.  Mission Planning Position

2.  Chandra 8-Year Symposium: Preliminary Announcement      

3.  Chandra Calibration Workshop  25 Oct 2007, Huntsville, AL 

4.  Meeting Announcement   "Astrophysics of Compact Objects" 



Item 1.  Mission Planning Position

The CXC would like to call the attention of interested candidates to the
availability of a position with the Chandra Science Mission
Planning Team.  Beyond a strong interest in hands-on participation in
the operation of a major space observatory, qualifications include a
solid background in physics, math, astronomy, and computing.  Positions
of this kind have often been an excellent learning opportunity for
recent holders of bachelor's degrees looking for several years'
experience before proceeding to graduate school, but have also been
filled by persons with a variety of other backgrounds and planned career
paths.  If interested, please respond to the announcement for Job #27-16
or contact Jan Vrtilek (jvrtilek@cfa.harvard.edu) or Pat Slane
(pslane@cfa.harvard.edu) directly.

Jan Vrtilek  for the Mission Planning Team


Item 2.  Chandra 8-Year Symposium

The symposium  "Eight Years of Science with Chandra" will be held                    
October 23-25, in Huntsville, Alabama.  The fourth in a series, this meeting   
will highlight science results from the past eight years of operation of the   
Chandra X-ray Observatory with emphasis on recent results. Contributions from  
the XMM-Newton, Suzaku, and Swift Observatories and related results from       
INTEGRAL, RXTE and (hopefully) AGILE will also be presented.  More detailed    
information should be available soon at http://cxc.harvard.edu/symposium_2007


Item 3.  Chandra Calibration Workshop 25 Oct 2007, Huntsville, AL 

As in previous years, we will hold a Chandra Calibration Workshop (CCW) in
conjunction with the 8 Years of Chandra Symposium.  Abstracts are solicited 
on various aspects of Chandra calibration. Calibration related posters will
be displayed all through the Symposium, and talks will be presented
in an afternoon session on Thursday, October 25, at the conclusion of the
Symposium.  More information about the CCW, including registration and abstract
submission instructions, will be available from the CCW website.
Please contact ccw@head.cfa.harvard.edu or see http://cxc.harvard.edu/ccw/


Item 4.  Meeting Announcement   "Astrophysics of Compact Objects" 

            July 1-7, 2007,  Huangshan, China


This international conference will address recent observational 
and theoretical developments in the study of neutron stars, black holes 
and white dwarfs, including their various observational manifestations 
such as pulsars, magnetars, x-ray binaries, supernovae and gamma ray 
bursts, as well as future observational prospects (such as gravitational
waves). While the meeting will focus on stellar compact objects, the 
common astrophysics (such as accretion) associated with both galactic 
and supermassive black holes will be covered. The meeting will 
take place in the tourist city of Huangshan, near the world famous 
Huangshan mountain (Yellow Mountain).

Contributed papers on the latest developments in compact object research
are warmly invited. Abstract submission deadline: May 1, 2007.
registration deadline: May 15, 2007.

  Dong Lai,  Cornell University



One product of our productive 2006 Science Workshop on Extragalactic X-ray Surveys
was a new webpage listing and summarizing existing large serendipitous 
surveys  (200ksec minimum)

The site has a brief list of surveys
as well as a link to a spreadsheet with survey details including multiwavelength 
sky coverage and flux limit information.

We encourage representatives of the various X-ray surveys to sign up for a 
Google account (for which you can use an existing email address), and to 
contact us at xsurveys06@cfa.harvard.edu so that we can give you edit-capable
access to the spreadsheet. Anyone is encouraged to contact us with suggestions 
for the site as well.

Paul Green


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