XRCF Point Spread Function Analysis

A. Ware, B.R. McNamara
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Last updated April 30, 1999

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A schematic of the ACIS focal plane as seen by XRCF.

Memo regarding the PSF analysis:
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Analysis: Data tables:
  • Pileup fractions: Includes photon and event pileup fractions for both on- and off-axis tests.

  • PSF shapes: One-pixel-wide slices through the brightest pixel of each image, with gaussian fits to the resulting plots. For each on-axis test, this table provides: the peak counts, the integrated and analytically calculated areas under the gaussian, and the FWHM of the gaussian.

  • Off-axis spectra: The width (sigma) of each Gaussian fit to the peaks in all off-axis pulse height spectra.

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