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HRC Test Coefficients

Below are the values used by the CXC automated processing software for event flagging of HRC data. Detailed definitions of each test are available by clicking in the test names in the table below.

Test Description of Test HRC-I Coefficients HRC-S Coefficients
Event Flatness The charge cloud is distributed more widely than normal. v1 (text file)
v1 (FITS file)
v1 (text file)
v1 (FITS file)
H-Test   v3 (text file)
v3 (FITS file)
v4 (text file)
v4 (FITS file)
Amplifier Saturation The amount of charge is either higher or lower than normal. v2 (text file)
v2 (FITS file)
v2 (text file)
v2 (FITS file)

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Last modified: 09/27/12

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