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Background Region Error

Background Region Error

April 20, 2001

Image of Level 2 event file (which is truncated by an incorrect parameter value in tg_create_mask) with spectral and background extraction regions superposed. Data are cut off at tg_d = +/- 2.5 mm, resulting in incomplete background accumulation. (Figure by V. Kashyap.) This problem was corrected in the July 2 2001 DS 6.1.0 software release by increasing the default value of tg_create_mask.width_factor_letg from 20 to 40.

Extracted background from HZ43 (obsid 59), positive order, outer HRC-S segment. As can be seen, the background flattens out at around 120 Angstroms, although it should continue to increase. The effect of PI filtering is also shown. (Figure by D. Pease.)

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