LSFs on Central Plate

Appendix B: LSFs on Central Plate

Fig. B1. Analog of Fig. 12 but covering wavelengths on the central plate. Sources and wavelengths were chosen to minimize higher order contamination, which broadens the LSF. Profiles become progressively narrower toward shorter wavelengths with the exception of the shortest band (5-11 Å) which is slightly broader than the 11-17.5 Å LSF; this is probably from high energy scattering. Bumpiness in the LSF wings in the log-scale plots, which cover a larger range of tg_d, is from cross-dispersion peaks.
Fig. B2. A combination of the two top panels of Fig. B1, allowing more direct comparison of LSFs for + and - wavelengths. +λ LSFs are skewed slightly toward +tg_d, -λ LSFs slightly toward -tg_d. This continues the trend seen on the outer plates (Fig. 12).
Fig. B3. Like Fig. B2 but with separate plots for each wavelength pair.