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Chandra Calibration Review Presentations Tagged with "2003"

Reference Presenter Title
2003.29NancyAdams-WolkACIS CC Mode Observations: New Bias and Split Threshold Parameters and Comparisons to TE Data
2003.5TomAldcroftWhere is the Source? Continuing Efforts to Improve Astrometric Accuracy
2003.6ChristopherAllenA Parametrization of the Chandra Point Spread Function
2003.30EliBeckermanMeasurement of Telescope Vignetting with SNR G21.5-0.9
2003.21NancyBrickhouseHighlights of Chandra Grating Science
2003.16YousafButtACIS Cosmic Ray Induced QE Decrement
2003.31Sun MiChungCharacterizing Non-linearities in the Chandra LETG+HRC-S Dispersion Relation
2003.32WilliamDavisClock Correlation Contribution to Chandra Timing Accuracy
2003.33JosephDePasqualeVerifying the ACIS Contamination Model with 1E0102.2-7219
2003.25JeremyDrakeThe Dispersion Relation of the LETGS and the Accuracy of Chandra Velocity Studies
2003.19RichardEdgarTime-dependent Gain for ACIS
2003.17RichardEdgarAbsolute ACIS Quantum Efficiency
2003.20RichardEdgarA New Paradigm for the Generation of ACIS Response Matrices
2003.3TerranceGaetzCalibrating the Wings of the Chandra PSF
2003.8CatherineGrantTime Dependence of the ACIS Contamination
2003.1DiabJeriusCalibration of Chandra's Near On-axis PSF
2003.4MichaelJudaAmplifier Mis-match as a Possible Source of HRC Event Position Distortions
2003.24VinayKashyapDegap Corrections for HRC-S Grating Observations
2003.26MarcusKirschStatus of the XMM-Newton Calibration
2003.18MaximMarkevitchACIS Background
2003.7MaximMarkevitchHighlights of ACIS Cluster Science
2003.10HermanMarshallComposition of the Chandra ACIS Contaminant
2003.15HermanMarshallEffective Area of the HRMA Near the Ir M-V Edge at 2.1 keV
2003.35DeronPeaseGain Evolution in the HRC-S: Implications for Spectroscopy and Imaging
2003.13PaulPlucinskyProspects for an ACIS Bakeout
2003.27AndyPollockAre Simultaneous Observations by XMM-Newton and Chandra a Luxury or a Necessity?
2003.36JenniferPosson-BrownGain Evolution in the HRC-I
2003.37JenniferPosson-BrownAn Update to the HRC-I MCP Quantum Efficiency Model
2003.38MichaelRaleyCharacterizing the S3 Low Energy Response with the SMC SNR 1E0102-72.3
2003.39ArnoldRotsAstronomical Calibration of the Chandra Clock
2003.40AgataRozanskaEffects of the ACIS-S Contamination in the Chandra Data of Ton S180
2003.22NorbertSchulzHETG Observations of Sco X-1
2003.9NorbertSchulzSpatial Distribution of the Contaminant on the ACIS Camera
2003.11AnetaSiemiginowskaACIS-S Contamination and Modeling of the X-ray Absorption in High Redshift Quasars
2003.2RandallSmithCalibration Issues for X-Ray Dust Halos
2003.41ShanilViraniImproving the ACIS-S3 Spectral Resolution via a Grade-Dependent Correction
2003.23BradWargelinChandra LETG Diffraction Efficiencies
2003.42MartinWeisskopfLETGS: A look at the plus and minus orders
2003.43CharlesWiltonBackground Variabiliy in the Chandra High Resolution Camera
2003.14PingZhaoChandra X-ray Observatory Mirror Effective Area

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