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Proceedings of the 2004 Chandra Calibration Workshop

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Monday, October 25

Session IChair: Donnelly
1 LETG Higher Order Diffraction Efficiency Final ResultsAbstractWargelin
2 Improvements to the HRC-S QE uniformity and LETGS effective areaAbstractPease
3 Investigating the Chandra Transmission Grating Spectrometer Line Response FunctionsAbstractDrake
Session IIChair: Jones
4 The Chandra View of X-ray BinariesAbstractVrtilek
5 Overview of the HETGS CalibrationAbstractMarshall
6 Constraints on higher orders using Sco X-1AbstractSchulz
Session IIIChair: Plucinsky
7 Status of ACIS backgroundAbstractMarkevitch
8 Back-Illuminated ACIS QE: Revised.AbstractEdgar
9 Improved high spatial resolution calibration of ACIS QEUAbstractVikhlinin
10 Evolution of ACIS PerformanceAbstractGrant
11 CTI and time dependent gain corrections for ACISAbstractSchulz
Session IVChair: Wargelin
12 Diagnosing the ACIS Contaminant using Grating ObservationsAbstractMarshall
13 Spatial structure of the ACIS contamination from the ECS analysisAbstractVikhlinin
14 Prospects for an ACIS BakeoutAbstractPlucinsky

Tuesday, October 26

Session IChair: Jerius
15 Empirical Corrections to the HRMA Ir M Edge DiscrepancyAbstractJerius
16 Revisiting Iridium Optical Constants and the Chandra HRMA Effective AreaAbstractGraessle
17 Chandra Telescope Optical AxisAbstractZhao
18 The HRMA User's GuideAbstractGaetz
19 Chandra Observations of Kiloparsec-Scale JetsAbstractSchwartz
20 Overview of HRC PerformanceAbstractDonnelly
21 Online Archive of LETG ObservationsAbstractBurwitz
Session IIChair: David
22 Chandra and Newton: Common Low-Energy Grating ObservationsAbstractKashyap
23 Chandra/XMM cross-calibration: Temperatures and soft X-ray fluxes of four galaxy clusters with ACIS-S/EPICAbstractBonamente
24 XMM-Newton (cross) calibrationAbstractKirsch
25 Overview talkAbstractDavid


26 A measurement of the HRMA vignetting with Abell 1795AbstractBeckerman
27 Characterizing Non-linearities in the Chandra LETG+HRC-S Dispersion RelationAbstractChung
28 Chandra HRC-S Degapping Corrections from Flight and Lab DataAbstractKashyap
29 Studying the HRC-I Uniformity with Observations of the Vela SNRAbstractPosson-Brown
30 A DS9-based Interface to HRMA Enclosed Count Fractions FilesAbstractPrimini
31 Chandra Automated Point Source Processing for Calibration MonitoringAbstractSpitzbart
32 The AXAF Guide/Aspect Star Catalog (AGASC) Version 1.6AbstractUnks

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