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Proceedings of the 2007 Chandra Calibration Workshop

October 25, 2007

Huntsville Marriott, Huntsville AL

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Poster Haiku Chair: J. Drake
1 Monte Carlo methods for including correlated systematic calibration uncertainties in astrophysical analysis: Chandra ACIS J. Drake
2 Incorporating Effective Area Uncertainties into Spectral Fitting V. Kashyap
3 HRC-I Gain Correction J. Posson-Brown
4 Upgrading the Chandra/HEASARC CalDB Index and Software Interface D. Graessle
5 High Resolution Camera Stowed Background Study T. Isobe
6 Updated HRC-I Degapping Correction M. Juda
7 Updating the Chandra ACIS Contaminant Model H. Marshall
8 The Development and Use of a Background Map for the Chandra Source Catalog M. McCollough
9 Verifying the HRC-I QE and QE Uniformity J. Posson-Brown
10 HETG Observations using ACIS in cc-Mode N. Schulz
11 Improved and Time-Dependent HRC-S Gain Map B. Wargelin
12 Some Thoughts on the Buildup of Material on the ACIS Filter G. Garmire
Oral Presentations
Session I Chair: D. Jerius
13 Approximate CTI correction for ACIS graded mode data A. Vikhlinin
14 Testing the graded mode CTI correction J. Posson-Brown
15 ACIS Superbias Creation B. LaMarr
16 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the ACIS Superbias J. DePasquale
17 Correcting for the temperature dependence of ACIS charge transfer inefficiency C. Grant
18 Characterization and Correction of ACIS CTI in the Continuous Clocking Mode R. Edgar
19 Soft and hard x-ray excess emission in Abell 3112 observed with Chandra M. Bonamente
Session II Chair: P. Plucinsky
20 Pileup and the ACIS/HRMA Point Spread Function T. Gaetz
21 Chandra Telescope Optical Axis and Aimpoint P. Zhao
22 XMM-Newton: ready for the next decade M. Kirsch
23 Chandra / XMM-Newton cross calibration with clusters of galaxies L. David
24 Ray-tracing the Chandra PSF: Try this at home! D. Jerius

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