Chandra GC XVP HETG Spectrum of Sgr A* Quiescent Emission

The table below gives the stacked PHA and response files for the cleaned source (Sgr A*) and background regions described in Corrales et al. (2020; ApJ submitted). An S-lang script, for use with the Interactive Spectral Interpretation System (ISIS), is provided for simple plotting of the spectrum using the Remeis ISIS scripts routines.

A backup copy of these files are also available on Zenodo:

HETG order pha arf rmf
HEG-1 Sgr A* combined_HEG-1.pha combined_HEG-1.arf 14439_heg_m1.rmf
HEG+1 Sgr A* combined_HEG+1.pha combined_HEG+1.arf 14439_heg_p1.rmf
MEG-1 Sgr A* combined_MEG-1.pha combined_MEG-1.arf 14439_meg_m1.rmf
MEG+1 Sgr A* combined_MEG+1.pha combined_MEG+1.arf 14439_meg_p1.rmf
HEG-1 Background combined_HEG-1_bkg.pha combined_HEG-1_bkg.arf 14439_heg_m1.rmf
HEG+1 Background combined_HEG+1_bkg.pha combined_HEG+1_bkg.arf 14439_heg_p1.rmf
MEG-1 Background combined_MEG-1_bkg.pha combined_MEG-1_bkg.arf 14439_meg_m1.rmf
MEG+1 Background combined_MEG+1_bkg.pha combined_MEG+1_bkg.arf 14439_meg_p1.rmf
ISIS plotting script