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Chandra Users' Committee Meeting
6-7 April 2009
Pratt, CfA, 60 Garden St.

Monday 6 April

09:15 Opening Remarks Harvey Tananbaum

09:25 Chandra Status Report Roger Brissenden

10:00 Director's Discretionary Time Harvey Tananbaum

10:20 Cycle 11 Peer Review Summary
Andrea Prestwich

CXC Website

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 CAL: Goals, Priorities, and Plans Larry David
HRMA effective area
ACIS contamination and time dependence

12:30 Lunch Break

CIAO Update Jonathan McDowell (PDF)

Chandra Source Catalog: Update
Ian Evans

14:45 Tea/Coffee Break

15:15 Gratings:

Catalogs Dave Huenemoerder

Threads Mike Nowak

Fellowship Program Nancy Evans

Suzaku image browser demo Ken Ebisawa

16:30 Adjourn

Tuesday 7 April

Executive Session: Pratt
[not public]

          09:00 - 15:00 - including setting date for next meeting


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