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Preliminary Agenda for AXAF Users' Committee Meeting

Wed., Thurs., June 25, 26, 1997; Room M340, 160 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA

  1. Status of AXAF and ASC
  2. The NRA (volunteers needed to read before meeting, J. Bechtold is one)
  3. Proposal Submission Software (volunteers needed to exercise before meeting)
  4. Proposal Planning Tools (volunteers needed to exercise before meeting)
  5. OCAT (volunteers needed to exercise before meeting, A Tennant is one)
  6. Rules for peer review
  7. Budget for Users
  8. Instrument complications and constraints
  9. Mission planning constraints
  10. Calibration
  11. User interface
  12. First look analysis software
  13. Schedule next Meeting
  14. Executive session

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