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Chandra Users' Committee Meeting April 26, 2012

Report issued on 17 May 2012

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The meeting was held via teleconference. This format worked well and is a viable means of having a check-in between Fall meetings of the CUC.


Tiziana di Matteo, Tim Kallman, Hironori Matsumoto, and Joan Wrobel were unable to join. However, Joan separately spoke with Paul Green and Belinda Wilkes regarding a potential joint program between Chandra and NRAO for ALMA. Beyond the CUC itself, Harvey Tananbaum, Belinda Wilkes, Paul Green, Wilt Sanders, and Allyn Tennant were also able to join the meeting.

Summary of Meeting

Belinda Wilkes summarized the results of the 2012 NASA Senior Review. The committee was very favorable in its evaluation of Chandra. The CUC congratulates the mission on an excellent performance at the review. The scientific returns and economy of the mission were clear in many review metrics. The following two things are worth noting:

Future joint observing programs:

Paul Green reported on efforts to establish joint observing programs with new and future observatories. Notably:

The CUC strongly supports initiatives to retain joint observing programs and to create new ones. Such programs help to ensure that Chandra's scientific reach is as great as possible.

Tracking proposal output:

Pursuant to the recommendations developed in the last CUC meeting in October 2011, Chandra is working on implementing a new database to help track how data are used, and how many publications result. The CUC applauds this effort.

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