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Last modified: 17 November 2020


Bugs: prism

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No support for long keywords

The CXC datamodel has support for long - i.e. longer than eight character - keywords using a combination of standard DSTYP/DSVAL keywords. These keywords do not show up in the Header Keywords section of the prism gui.

Missing or corrupted column information

Some Linux distributions use GTK themes which are incompatible with the version of GTK shipped with CIAO. This can results in some elements of the GUI not rendering correctly. Often this will cause the header row with the column names to be either missing entirely or appear corrupted (overlapping text).


Users can work around the incompatibility by setting the GTK_THEME environment variable.

bash$ export GTK_THEME=Default
tcsh% setenv GTK_THEME Default

Prism hangs with bad file selection

Trying to load an incompatible data file in prism causes the GUI to hang, requiring killing prism to exit.

Segmentation fault when trying to launch prism

The prism GUI will segmentation fault if there are incompatible .fontconfig files cached on the user's system. Try renaming (or removing) the .fontconfig cache:

unix% mv ~/.fontconfig ~/.fontconfig_orig

If this does not fix the prism problem, contact CXC Helpdesk.

The name of files in the tab does not account for "/" in DM filters.

Some DM filters include the "/" character, for example when using various ASCII file format: "mytab.tsv[opt kernel=text/tsv]". Prism only recognizes the "/" as being part of the path and only displays the text after the final "/" in the tab header.