HRC PHA Evolution (QE and Gain Variation with Time)

Following Posson-Brown and Donnelly's memo ( "Evolution of PHA Response in the HRC (pdf)"), we computed evolution of HRC PHA response using following steps:

The plots below show the time trend plots of PHA median, PHA Voigt peak position, and PHA FWHM. The data points are separated into the radial distance from the aiming point less than 5 arcmins (blue square), between 5 arcmins and 10 arcmins (red diamond), between 10 arcmins and 15 arcmins (green circle), and more than 15 arcmins (blue triangle). Time positions are slightly shifted to right and left so that data points are not overlapped on the plot.

The tables following the time trend plots list links to the plot of radial distributions of observations of each year. Please select a year. It will open up a plot.

Note: The following plots are interactive plots. If you hover the mouse on a data point, it will display the information about that data point. Because of the large size of the data, the page may take a while to load.