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Static Version: Min --- Last Five years

One Week Three Month One Year Five Year Full Range Min Mean Max

Delta/Yr below is a slope of the liear fitting over the data of the period. Delta/Yr/Yr is a slope of the liner fitting over the devivative data of the period. Slope listed on a linked plot is the slope computed on the last few periods of the data to show the direction of the trend, and different from that of Delta/Yr.

MSID MeanRMSDelta/YrDelta/Yr/YrUnitDescriptionLimit Violation
htftegrd1 -44.13730.590-56.37 +/- 2985.530.02 +/- 0.01KRT58-RT59: TFTE Forward CylinderNo Violation Check
htftegrd2 -631.996438.088-(8.05+/-427.60)e20.01 +/- 0.01KRT59-RT60: TFTE Forward CylinderNo Violation Check
htftegrd3 0.0060.005-0.32 +/- 0.510.03 +/- 0.02KRT60-RT58: TFTE Forward CylinderNo Violation Check
htftegrd4 -673.892467.190-(8.56+/-456.00)e20.15 +/- 0.07KRT61-RT62: TFTE ConeNo Violation Check
htftegrd5 0.0140.0021.80 +/- 0.200.09 +/- 0.04KRT62-RT63: TFTE ConeNo Violation Check
htftegrd6 -0.6450.371-4.78 +/- 36.23-0.01 +/- 0.11KRT63-RT61: TFTE ConeNo Violation Check
htftegrd7 -1.1260.026-6.90 +/- 3.241.72 +/- 0.85KRT64-RT65: TFTE CoverNo Violation Check
htftegrd8 0.2070.027-26.46 +/- 2.71-0.24 +/- 0.64KRT65-RT66: TFTE CoverNo Violation Check
htftegrd9 204.426220.509-(4.08+/-215.20)e20.11 +/- 0.15KRT66-RT67: TFTE CoverNo Violation Check
htftegrd10 0.0570.0042.27 +/- 0.390.27 +/- 0.11KRT67-RT68: TFTE CoverNo Violation Check
htftegrd11 -0.1890.02718.15 +/- 2.651.59 +/- 0.70KRT68-RT69: TFTE CoverNo Violation Check
htftegrd12 1.0350.0296.46 +/- 3.441.20 +/- 0.72KRT TFTE CoverNo Violation Check

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Data Updated: Jun 02, 2023
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