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One Week Three Month One Year Five Year Full Range Min Mean Max

Delta/Yr below is a slope of the liear fitting over the data of the period. Delta/Yr/Yr is a slope of the liner fitting over the devivative data of the period. Slope listed on a linked plot is the slope computed on the last few periods of the data to show the direction of the trend, and different from that of Delta/Yr.

MSID MeanRMSDelta/YrDelta/Yr/YrUnitDescriptionLimit Violation
aorwspd1stby6.3151.926-(1.23+/-0.93)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0RPSREACTION WHEEL RATESNo Violation Check
npnt3.789e+061.882e+07-(1.32+/-120.20)e85.01 +/- 3.48No Violation Check
nman-2.7300.592-25.67 +/- 120.04-2.04 +/- 1.47No Violation Check
nsun1.151e+03255.37493.31 +/- 178.88(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aorwspd2stby7.0242.445-(1.36+/-1.14)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0RPSREACTION WHEEL RATESNo Violation Check
npnt1.007e+065.749e+05-(4.03+/-367.30)e60.43 +/- 2.29No Violation Check
nman-0.6920.296-(2.71+/-0.59)e20.49 +/- 0.84No Violation Check
nsun-131.797633.116-(2.70+/-0.98)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aorwspd3stby7.5042.409-(1.46+/-1.15)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0RPSREACTION WHEEL RATESNo Violation Check
npnt-2.8830.194-18.77 +/- 125.33-1.34 +/- 3.46No Violation Check
nman-3.9860.571-31.24 +/- 117.581.96 +/- 1.16No Violation Check
nsun506.267655.907(1.08+/-1.26)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aorwspd4stby9.3951.752-(1.83+/-1.04)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0RPSREACTION WHEEL RATESNo Violation Check
npnt-1.0940.097-(2.98+/-0.63)e21.83 +/- 1.95No Violation Check
nman-0.7220.313-(3.01+/-0.63)e21.04 +/- 0.81No Violation Check
nsun136.675460.713-(2.21+/-0.73)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aorwspd5stby6.9632.922-(1.35+/-1.31)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0RPSREACTION WHEEL RATESNo Violation Check
npnt0.6870.183-1.59 +/- 116.960.56 +/- 3.55No Violation Check
nman-0.3790.573-0.23 +/- 114.77-0.51 +/- 1.44No Violation Check
nsun918.786218.587(1.70+/-1.43)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aorwspd6stby7.0371.764-(1.37+/-0.91)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0RPSREACTION WHEEL RATESNo Violation Check
npnt-0.6310.093-(3.03+/-0.60)e21.74 +/- 1.93No Violation Check
nman-0.6720.315-(3.02+/-0.63)e2-0.53 +/- 0.79No Violation Check
nsun645.566176.616-(2.42+/-1.02)e2(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aorwcmd2 2.968e-043.361e-05-0.06 +/- 0.02(8.01+/-6.33)e-4naREACTION WHEEL TORQUE COMMANDS 2 JNo Violation Check
aorwcmd3 6.097e-056.347e-05-0.11 +/- 0.040.00 +/- 0.00naREACTION WHEEL TORQUE COMMANDS 3 JNo Violation Check
aorwcmd4 3.068e-044.313e-04-0.12 +/- 0.290.00 +/- 0.00naREACTION WHEEL TORQUE COMMANDS 4 JNo Violation Check
aorwcmd5 3.304e-043.740e-04-0.05 +/- 0.250.00 +/- 0.00naREACTION WHEEL TORQUE COMMANDS 5 JNo Violation Check
aorwcmd6 5.875e-041.321e-04-0.12 +/- 0.090.00 +/- 0.00naREACTION WHEEL TORQUE COMMANDS 6 JNo Violation Check
aorwcnt1 2.5611.775-(3.27+/-0.12)e41.38 +/- 0.49naTACH PULSE COUNT 1 (2S COMPLEMENT)No Violation Check
aorwcnt2 3.2671.698-(3.27+/-0.11)e41.08 +/- 0.41naTACH PULSE COUNT 2 (2S COMPLEMENT)No Violation Check
aorwcnt3 3.3721.920-(3.27+/-0.13)e40.67 +/- 0.39naTACH PULSE COUNT 3 (2S COMPLEMENT)No Violation Check
aorwcnt4 3.0031.724-(3.27+/-0.12)e41.29 +/- 0.48naTACH PULSE COUNT 4 (2S COMPLEMENT)No Violation Check
aorwcnt5 3.9411.834-(3.27+/-0.12)e40.94 +/- 0.36naTACH PULSE COUNT 5 (2S COMPLEMENT)No Violation Check
aorwcnt6 3.6181.826-(3.27+/-0.12)e40.79 +/- 0.41naTACH PULSE COUNT 6 (2S COMPLEMENT)No Violation Check
aorwmc1 -0.2150.020-0.78 +/- 13.620.63 +/- 0.39naCOMMANDED REACTION WHEEL ANGULAR MOMENTUM (1)No Violation Check
aorwmc4 -0.1130.010-31.67 +/- 6.910.18 +/- 0.23naCOMMANDED REACTION WHEEL ANGULAR MOMENTUM (4)No Violation Check
aorwmc5 0.0740.0191.22 +/- 12.930.58 +/- 0.40naCOMMANDED REACTION WHEEL ANGULAR MOMENTUM (5)No Violation Check

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