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Static Version: Min --- One Week

One Week Three Month One Year Five Year Full Range Min Mean Max

Delta/Yr below is a slope of the liear fitting over the data of the period. Delta/Yr/Yr is a slope of the liner fitting over the devivative data of the period. Slope listed on a linked plot is the slope computed on the last few periods of the data to show the direction of the trend, and different from that of Delta/Yr.

MSID MeanRMSDelta/YrDelta/Yr/YrUnitDescriptionLimit Violation
tatecdpt -0.1160.008(3.06+/-0.01)e225.59 +/- 23.61KTEC DRIVER PRI TEMPNo Violation Check
tatecdrt -0.1140.009(2.94+/-0.01)e215.37 +/- 25.29KTEC DRIVER RDNT TEMPNo Violation Check
tboltcut -2.3270.144(2.48+/-0.14)e2-(7.45+/-5.99)e2KDOOR BOLT-CUTTER TEMPNo Violation Check
tcnr_brm -0.3480.008(2.58+/-0.01)e2-65.10 +/- 29.01K-Y/+Z PANEL CORNER PANEL TEMP (BRM)No Violation Check
tesh1 -0.0070.019(2.88+/-0.02)e2-36.64 +/- 75.26KEARTH SENSOR-1 HOUSING TEMP (+Y)No Violation Check
tesh2 0.0160.017(2.88+/-0.02)e2-14.46 +/- 109.73KEARTH SENSOR-2 HOUSING TEMP (-Y)No Violation Check
tfssbkt1 0.0860.294(3.48+/-0.28)e2-(9.90+/-22.46)e2KFSS BRACNo Violation Check
tfssbkt2 0.0100.312(3.43+/-0.29)e2(7.77+/-24.23)e2KFSS BRACNo Violation Check
tfutsupn 0.1050.039(3.15+/-0.04)e255.07 +/- 193.78KFUEL TANK SUPPORT PNL TEMP: +Y/-Z CRNRNo Violation Check
tmyhng -0.1700.037(2.22+/-0.03)e258.40 +/- 163.90KSUNSHADE DOOR HINGE BEAM TEMP (-Y SIDE)No Violation Check
toxtsupn -0.5070.019(2.74+/-0.02)e2-(1.00+/-0.64)e2KOX-TANK SUPPORT PNL TEMP:-Y/+Z CRNRNo Violation Check
trspmtpc -0.6090.033(3.15+/-0.03)e218.92 +/- 100.49KRAD SHR PNL TEMP:TTWN MUPS AND PCADNo Violation Check
trspotep -0.3970.007(2.72+/-0.01)e2-62.02 +/- 18.42KRAD SHR PNL TEMP:BTWN PCU AND OX-TANKNo Violation Check
trspotex -0.6880.022(2.70+/-0.02)e2-(1.20+/-0.64)e2KRAD SHR PNL TEMP:BTWN OX-TANKNo Violation Check
trspotpc -0.7210.007(2.82+/-0.02)e2-50.97 +/- 24.68KRAD SHR PNL TEMP:BTWN OX-TANKNo Violation Check
trsprwbb 0.0860.008(2.70+/-0.01)e2-64.32 +/- 24.18KRAD SHR PNL TEMP:BTWN RWA CRNR AND BATBNo Violation Check
trsprwbc 0.0360.010(2.70+/-0.01)e2-91.00 +/- 25.97KRAD SHR PNL TEMP:RWA CRNR AND BATCNo Violation Check
trsprwcm 0.1710.010(2.72+/-0.01)e2-(1.09+/-0.47)e2KRAD SHR PNL TEP:BTWN CCDM AND RWA CRNRNo Violation Check
tsciusf1 0.0780.193(3.16+/-0.18)e2-(4.04+/-13.14)e2KSC-IUS FITTING-1 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsciusf2 0.9130.060(2.74+/-0.06)e2-(4.18+/-2.20)e2KSC-IUS FITTING-2 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsciusf5 -2.1310.104(2.58+/-0.11)e2-(6.38+/-4.24)e2KSC-IUS FITTING-5 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsciusf8 -0.0570.219(3.16+/-0.21)e2-(3.62+/-14.14)e2KSC-IUS FITTING-8 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsctsf1 -0.0920.043(3.21+/-0.04)e284.35 +/- 142.11KSC-TS FITTING -1 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsctsf2 0.1190.011(2.88+/-0.01)e247.97 +/- 33.95KSC-TS FITTING -2 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsctsf3 0.0460.005(2.69+/-0.00)e2-54.95 +/- 15.37KSC-TS FITTING -3 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsctsf4 -0.2620.004(2.73+/-0.01)e2-39.38 +/- 13.32KSC-TS FITTING -4 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsctsf5 -0.5390.015(2.95+/-0.02)e256.65 +/- 41.39KSC-TS FITTING -5 TEMPNo Violation Check
tsctsf6 -0.4420.047(3.22+/-0.04)e2(2.08+/-1.47)e2KSC-TS FITTING -6 TEMPNo Violation Check

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