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One Week Three Month One Year Five Year Full Range Min Mean Max

Delta/Yr below is a slope of the liear fitting over the data of the period. Delta/Yr/Yr is a slope of the liner fitting over the devivative data of the period. Slope listed on a linked plot is the slope computed on the last few periods of the data to show the direction of the trend, and different from that of Delta/Yr.

MSID MeanRMSDelta/YrDelta/Yr/YrUnitDescriptionLimit Violation
tape1pst 0.5270.002(3.15+/-0.04)e20.07 +/- 0.03KPEA-1 POWER SUPPLY TEMPNo Violation
tape2pst 0.5860.002(2.90+/-0.05)e20.07 +/- 0.04KPEA-2 POWER SUPPLY TEMPNo Violation
tapea1t 0.5110.002(3.01+/-0.04)e20.09 +/- 0.03KPEA-1 CASE TEMPNo Violation
tapea2t 0.5950.002(2.89+/-0.05)e20.08 +/- 0.04KPEA-2 CASE TEMPNo Violation
tasppcm 1.2800.005(2.90+/-0.10)e2-0.02 +/- 0.14KAFT SHEAR PANEL TEMP:-Z PCAD COMPNo Violation
tasppcp 0.6970.004(2.77+/-0.06)e2-0.00 +/- 0.11KAFT SHEAR PANEL TEMP:+Z PCAD COMPNo Violation
tasppcu 0.1320.003(2.69+/-0.02)e2-0.03 +/- 0.07KAFT SHEAR PANEL TEMP:PCU COMPNo Violation
tasprwc 0.2510.002(2.67+/-0.02)e20.00 +/- 0.06KAFT SHEAR PANEL TEMP:RWA CRNR COMPNo Violation
tcm_ctu 0.8390.004(2.90+/-0.07)e20.06 +/- 0.10KCTU TEMPNo Violation
tcm_ifu 0.6060.003(2.86+/-0.05)e20.05 +/- 0.08KIU TempNo Violation
tcm_obc 0.5810.003(2.86+/-0.05)e20.01 +/- 0.07KOBC TempNo Violation
tcm_pa1 0.0070.003(2.62+/-0.02)e20.03 +/- 0.07KRF POWER AMP-1 EXT BPL TEMPNo Violation
tcm_pa2 0.0380.003(2.63+/-0.02)e20.00 +/- 0.07KRF POWER AMP-2 EXT BPL TEMPNo Violation
tcm_pan 0.1500.002(2.66+/-0.02)e20.01 +/- 0.05KCCDM PNL TEMP (+Z EDGE OF PNL)No Violation
tcm_rfas -0.1630.003(2.66+/-0.03)e20.02 +/- 0.09KRF ASSEMBLY TEMPNo Violation
tcm_ssr1 0.8310.005(2.87+/-0.07)e20.06 +/- 0.12KSS Recorder-1 TempNo Violation
tcm_ssr2 0.8830.005(2.88+/-0.07)e20.07 +/- 0.12KSS Recorder-2 TempNo Violation
tcm_tx1 0.0530.002(2.70+/-0.02)e20.01 +/- 0.05KTRANSPONDER-1 EXT BPL TEMPNo Violation
tcm_tx2 0.1000.002(2.72+/-0.02)e20.01 +/- 0.05KTRANSPONDER-2 EXT BPL TEMPNo Violation
tcm_uso 0.7810.004(2.88+/-0.06)e20.05 +/- 0.09KUSO TEMPNo Violation
tcylaft1 1.8270.007(3.03+/-0.14)e20.21 +/- 0.14KCNT CYL TEMP:16-IN FWD OF SC-TS FIT-1No Violation
tcylaft2 0.7510.003(2.80+/-0.06)e20.03 +/- 0.07KCNT CYL TEMP:16-IN FWD OF SC-TS FIT-2No Violation
tcylaft3 0.2530.002(2.65+/-0.02)e20.01 +/- 0.06KCNT CYL TEMP:16-IN FWD OF SC-TS FIT-3No Violation
tcylaft4 0.2490.003(2.68+/-0.03)e2-0.01 +/- 0.07KCNT CYL TEMP:16-IN FWD OF SC-TS FIT-4No Violation
tcylaft5 1.0650.005(2.84+/-0.08)e2-0.01 +/- 0.12KCNT CYL TEMP:16-IN FWD OF SC-TS FIT-5No Violation
tcylaft6 1.9050.007(3.02+/-0.14)e20.18 +/- 0.16KCNT CYL TEMP:16-IN FWD OF SC-TS FIT-6No Violation
tcylcmm 0.7430.004(2.83+/-0.06)e20.08 +/- 0.10KCNT CYL TEMP: -Z CCDM COMPNo Violation
tcylfmzm 1.1840.025(3.02+/-0.19)e20.14 +/- 0.59KCNT CYL TEMP:-Z SIDE UNDER LAE-1No Violation
tcylfmzp 1.1430.024(3.04+/-0.19)e20.17 +/- 0.56KCNT CYL TEMP:-Z SIDE UNDER LAE-2No Violation
tcylpcm 1.1420.006(2.87+/-0.09)e2-0.04 +/- 0.16KCNT CYL TEMP:-Z PCAD COMPNo Violation
tcylpcp 0.6310.005(2.75+/-0.06)e2-0.03 +/- 0.13KCNT CYL TEMP:+Z PCAD COMPNo Violation
tcylrwc 0.1990.003(2.66+/-0.02)e2(2.84+/-690.80)e-4KCNT CYL TEMP:RWA CRNR COMPNo Violation
tcyz_rw1 0.1060.002(2.70+/-0.02)e20.03 +/- 0.06KRWA -1 TEMP (RWA CRNR COMP)No Violation
tcyz_rw6 0.1530.003(2.70+/-0.02)e2-(4.99+/-6431.00)e-5KRWA -6 TEMP (RWA CRNR COMP)No Violation
tep_bpan 0.0100.002(2.68+/-0.01)e2-0.02 +/- 0.05KBATT PNL TEMP OPPOSITE TEP_PPANNo Violation
tep_eia 4.341e-040.003(2.71+/-0.02)e2-0.04 +/- 0.08KEIA TEMPNo Violation
tep_pcu -0.0250.002(2.70+/-0.02)e2-0.04 +/- 0.07KPCU TEMPNo Violation
tep_ppan -0.0050.003(2.71+/-0.02)e2-0.04 +/- 0.07KPCU PNL TEMP OPPOSITE TEP_BPANNo Violation
tep_psu1 0.1290.002(2.66+/-0.02)e2-0.00 +/- 0.04KPSU-1 TEMPNo Violation
tep_psu2 0.0570.002(2.66+/-0.01)e20.01 +/- 0.05KPSU-2 TEMPNo Violation
tep_rctu 0.0860.002(2.72+/-0.01)e2-0.00 +/- 0.05KRCTU-EP TEMPNo Violation
tfspcmm 0.7330.005(2.81+/-0.06)e20.10 +/- 0.13KFWD SHEAR PANEL TEMP: - Z CCDM COMPNo Violation
tfspcmp 0.1790.003(2.67+/-0.02)e20.01 +/- 0.07KFWD SHEAR PANEL TEMP: +Z CCDM COMPNo Violation
tfsppcm 1.1070.008(2.86+/-0.10)e2-0.05 +/- 0.20KFWD SHEAR PANEL TEMP: -Z PCAD COMPNo Violation
tfsppcp 0.5350.005(2.73+/-0.05)e2-0.01 +/- 0.14KFWD SHEAR PANEL TEMP: +Z PCAD COMPNo Violation
tfsppcu 0.0940.004(2.68+/-0.03)e2-0.04 +/- 0.10KFWD SHEAR PANEL: PCU COMPNo Violation
tfsprwc 0.1580.002(2.69+/-0.02)e2-0.01 +/- 0.06KFWD SHEAR PANEL: RWA CRNR COMPNo Violation
tmysada 0.9620.006(2.82+/-0.08)e20.04 +/- 0.17K-Y SADA TEMPNo Violation
tmzlgabm 1.2320.009(3.17+/-0.11)e2-0.16 +/- 0.15K-Z LOW-GAIN ANTENNA BOOM TEMPNo Violation
tmzp_cnt 1.4650.019(3.26+/-0.17)e2-0.05 +/- 0.41K-Z PNL TEMP:CENTERNo Violation
tmzp_my 1.9030.010(3.09+/-0.15)e20.06 +/- 0.23K-Z PNL TEMP:-Y SIDENo Violation
tmzp_py 1.9350.009(3.09+/-0.15)e20.25 +/- 0.21K-Z PNL TEMP:+Y SIDENo Violation
tpc_cea 1.0410.005(2.88+/-0.08)e2-0.03 +/- 0.13KCEA TEMPNo Violation
tpc_dea 0.7390.004(2.78+/-0.06)e2-0.01 +/- 0.11KDEA TEMPNo Violation
tpc_ese 1.1780.008(2.87+/-0.09)e20.04 +/- 0.21KESE TEMPNo Violation
tpc_fsse 1.2680.006(2.91+/-0.10)e2-0.03 +/- 0.16KFSSE TEMP (BTWN UNITS)No Violation
tpcm_rw4 1.1630.007(2.91+/-0.10)e2-0.02 +/- 0.19KRWA -4 TEMP (-Z PCAD COMP)No Violation
tpcm_rw5 1.2460.006(2.93+/-0.10)e2-0.03 +/- 0.16KRWA -5 TEMP (-Z PCAD COMP)No Violation
tpc_pan 0.5480.005(2.70+/-0.05)e2-0.06 +/- 0.14KPCAD PNL TEMP (NEAR +X/+Z SA TIE-DOWN)No Violation
tpcp_rw2 0.5630.004(2.77+/-0.05)e2-0.03 +/- 0.12KRWA -2 TEMP (+Z PCAD COMP)No Violation
tpcp_rw3 0.5140.004(2.77+/-0.05)e2-0.06 +/- 0.13KRWA -3 TEMP (+Z PCAD COMP)No Violation
tpc_rctu 1.0050.005(2.84+/-0.08)e2-0.02 +/- 0.14KRCTU-PC TEMPNo Violation
tpc_wda 0.5700.004(2.73+/-0.05)e2-0.00 +/- 0.12KWDA TEMPNo Violation
tpysada 0.6320.004(2.79+/-0.05)e20.08 +/- 0.11K+Y SADA TEMPNo Violation
tpzlgabm -0.0320.003(2.11+/-0.02)e2-0.05 +/- 0.05K+Z LOW-GAIN ANTENNA BOOM TEMPNo Violation
tsamyton-0.1330.048(3.19+/-0.03)e2-0.06 +/- 0.07K-Y WING SOLAR ARRAY TEMPNo Violation
off0.0230.003(3.19+/-0.02)e2-0.03 +/- 0.03No Violation
tsapyton-0.1010.047(3.18+/-0.03)e2-0.06 +/- 0.07K+Y WING SOLAR ARRAY TEMPNo Violation
off0.0520.003(3.19+/-0.02)e2-0.02 +/- 0.02No Violation

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