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Static Version: Max --- Last Five years

One Week Three Month One Year Five Year Full Range Min Mean Max

Delta/Yr below is a slope of the liear fitting over the data of the period. Delta/Yr/Yr is a slope of the liner fitting over the devivative data of the period. Slope listed on a linked plot is the slope computed on the last few periods of the data to show the direction of the trend, and different from that of Delta/Yr.

MSID MeanRMSDelta/YrDelta/Yr/YrUnitDescriptionLimit Violation
acpb5cv -1.281e-051.359e-050.40 +/- 0.00-(8.65+/-2.66)e-11VCPE B +5V CONVERTER VOLTAGENo Violation Check
aflcabhoff0.000e+000.000e+00(0.00+/-0.00)e0(0.00+/-0.00)e0VFLCA SOH_BNo Violation Check
none-4.677e-042.147e-040.00 +/- 0.11(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aiobp5cvoff-0.0030.0020.65 +/- 0.22-0.00 +/- 0.01VIOE B +5V CONVERTER VOLTAGENo Violation Check
none2.295e-122.477e-100.64 +/- 0.00-0.00 +/- 0.00No Violation Check
on999.0000.000e+005.24 +/- 0.00(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
aspeb5cvoff-0.0070.0040.68 +/- 0.41-(2.29+/-24.21)e-4VSPE-B +5V CONVERTER VOLTAGENo Violation Check
none0.0150.0020.97 +/- 1.15-0.05 +/- 0.04No Violation Check
on0.1940.0675.16 +/- 0.75-0.51 +/- 0.50No Violation Check
c28vmonboff-0.0130.0110.06 +/- 1.21(0.00+/-0.00)e0V28V MONITOR - BNo Violation Check
on999.0000.000e+0025.08 +/- 0.00(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
ciub15voff-0.0080.0070.04 +/- 0.74(0.00+/-0.00)e0V+15V IU BNo Violation Check
on999.0000.000e+0015.38 +/- 0.00(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
ciub5voff-0.0040.0020.73 +/- 0.22-(9.76+/-14.32)e-4V+5V IU BNo Violation Check
on999.0000.000e+005.23 +/- 0.00(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
cpcb15v -0.0030.0080.05 +/- 0.84(0.00+/-0.00)e0V+15V RCTU_PC BNo Violation Check
cpcb5v -0.0010.0030.03 +/- 0.290.00 +/- 0.01V+5V RCTU_PC BNo Violation Check
crxbv 4.856e-074.809e-064.06 +/- 0.00-(3.21+/-0.29)e-9VRECEIVED SIGNAL STRENGTH RX-BNo Violation Check
csitb15v 0.000e+000.000e+00(0.00+/-0.00)e0(0.00+/-0.00)e0V+15V RCTU-SI TP-BNo Violation Check
csitb5v -1.670e-041.071e-040.00 +/- 0.01-0.00 +/- 0.00V+5V RCTU-SI TP-BNo Violation Check
cssr2cbvon0.1010.0144.71 +/- 1.08-0.07 +/- 0.11VSSR-2 CONVERTER B VOLTAGENo Violation Check
off-0.0900.0160.34 +/- 1.25-0.34 +/- 0.39No Violation Check
ctsb15v -0.0090.0040.01 +/- 0.40(0.00+/-0.00)e0V+15V RCTU_TS BNo Violation Check
ctsb5v -5.525e-040.0010.05 +/- 0.14-0.01 +/- 0.01V+5V RCTU_TS BNo Violation Check
ctub15v -0.0030.0080.04 +/- 0.82(0.00+/-0.00)e0V+15V CTU BNo Violation Check
ctub5v 9.351e-111.224e-085.24 +/- 0.00(2.28+/-0.34)e-9V+5V CTU BNo Violation Check
ctxbpwron0.7240.18934.84 +/- 8.201.90 +/- 2.10DBMTRANSMITTER B OUTPUT POWERNo Violation Check
off-2.3430.18725.47 +/- 16.98-6.37 +/- 4.90No Violation Check
ctxbvon0.0670.0173.37 +/- 0.740.15 +/- 0.19VTRANSMITTER B SECONDARYNo Violation Check
off-0.2120.0172.52 +/- 1.53-0.57 +/- 0.44No Violation Check
cusob28voff-0.0130.0110.06 +/- 1.19(0.00+/-0.00)e0V+28V USO BNo Violation Check
on999.0000.000e+0024.68 +/- 0.00(0.00+/-0.00)e0No Violation Check
cxo5vobb -2.029e-10999.0005.04 +/- 0.00-(4.39+/-0.33)e-9VXO 5V OBC-BNo Violation Check
eiacvbv -2.126e-10999.0005.29 +/- 0.00-(3.78+/-0.37)e-9VEIA CONV B ANALOG TLMNo Violation Check
epb15v -0.0030.0080.05 +/- 0.84(0.00+/-0.00)e0V+15V RCTU_EP BNo Violation Check
aflc10bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 10 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflc11bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 11 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflc12bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 12 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflc13bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 13 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflc14bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 14 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca1bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 1 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca2bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 2 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca3bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 3 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca4bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 4 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca5bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 5 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca6bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 6 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca7bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 7 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca8bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 8 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aflca9bi -2.381e-121.745e-10-0.07 +/- 0.00(8.17+/-0.49)e-11MAMPFLCA DIODE 9 CURRENT-BNo Violation Check
aovbpwr -30.33924.683(1.22+/-26.60)e215.70 +/- 10.34naREDUNDANT VDE PWR ENABLE STAT (MOM)No Violation Check

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