MTA Monitoring Report 05/09/03 - 05/15/03

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From SOT shift report 2003-05-15 L1393: Discussion of RADZONE entry point held on [May 14]. Decision was to move radzone entry back to 12 hrs and 15 mins before perigee, from 13 hrs 15 mins. This saves 1 hr of observing time per orbit. If we had used this timing only one SCS107 trip would have occurred (last one) recently.

Our GOES monitoring is modified to comply with a NOAA SEC notice: Beginning 1500 UT on May 15, GOES-8 will become the primary satellite for protons. GOES 12 will be the primary satellite for magnetometer, X-ray, and electron measurements. GOES 10 will be the secondary satellite for all SEM sensors - magnetometer, X-ray sensor, and energetic particle sensor. This short-term solution (approximately 2 - 3 months) will be in place until we define and implement a permanent fix. A more detailed explanation can be found at:

Detrended CTI

CTI analysis is now computed with "detrending":
Detrend CTI = Measured CTI + S3 amplitude reject rate * Detrend factor.

Average of ACIS-I CCDs (MnKa) slope 8.467e-9 CTI/day
Detrended slope 8.732e-9 CTI/day

ACIS Warm Pixels

ACIS Focal Plane Temperature

For this period, 2 peaks are observed.

SIM Movements

8 TSC moves this period
weekly average time/step 0.00147 s
mission average time/step 0.00136 s



The gyro bias level has remained unaffected by the change in current and so to date, there has been no impact to science or operations.

Recent Observations

"Prob" means that there was probably bad time data included in the manual runs. This will be corrected in future processing.

4353 ACIS-I NONE G21.5-0.9[Chip S3] CAL OK
3694 HRC-I NONE G21.5-0.9 CAL OK
4400 HRC-S LETG MRK 279 OK /Not yet avail. OK
4424 ACIS-S NONE XTE J1908+094 OK Prob
4027 HRC-S LETG MRK 279 OK /Not yet avail. OK
3695 HRC-S NONE G21.5-0.9 CAL OK
3507 ACIS-I NONE XTE J1709-267 OK OK
3741 ACIS-I NONE HD110073 OK OK
4401 HRC-S LETG MRK 279 OK /Grat OK
3909 ACIS-S NONE G11.2-0.3 OK OK
3795 ACIS-S NONE MXB 1659-298 OK OK
4063 ACIS-S HETG PDS 456 OK /Grat OK


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