MTA Monitoring Report 02/20/04 - 02/26/04

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On Thu. Feb 26, the following warning was issued:

ALERT: X-Ray Flux exceeded M5
An X-class flare is currently in progress, likely from AR 564 (near the central meridian) which was barely visible just a few days ago but now stretches eight Earth diameters from end to end.

Detrended CTI

From Feb 2004, we report CTIs with a refined data definition. CTIs were computed for the data taken during the focal plane temperature ≤ -119.7 C, and the integration time longer than 7,000 sec. This eliminates a CTI temperature dependency, and the shows CTI degradation with time much more cleanly. Please see new CTI page for detailed explanation. For the next few weeks, both old and new CTI will be shown for comparison.

New CTI Computation
Average of ACIS-I CCDs (MnKa) slope 6.985e-9 CTI/day
Detrended slope 7.324e-9 CTI/day

Old CTI Computation
Average of ACIS-I CCDs (MnKa) slope 8.5.68-9 CTI/day
Detrended slope 8.567e-9 CTI/day

ACIS Warm Pixels

We display all bad pixels showed up in past, and, if any, previously unknown bad pixels appeared in the last 14 days. We also list hot pixels (defined as 1000 above the average of bias background). Warm columns 509-514 are probably due to a computational artificial effect due to boundaries.

ACIS Focal Plane Temperature

For this period, 6 peaks are observed.

SIM Movements

10 TSC moves this period
weekly average time/step 0.00132 s
mission average time/step 0.00137 s



Recent Observations

"Prob" means that there was probably bad time data included in the manual runs. This will probably be corrected in future AP processing.

4820 ACIS-S HETG RAS13349+2438 OK /Not yet avail. Prob
4748 ACIS-S NONE NGC1313X-1Obs2 OK OK
4750 ACIS-S NONE NGC1313X-2Obs2 OK OK
4903 ACIS-S NONE FTM0841+3604 OK OK
5009 ACIS-I NONE MACS1108.8+0906 OK OK
4813 ACIS-S NONE PKS0208-512 OK OK
4553 ACIS-I HETG GROJ2058+42 OK /OK OK


This Week's focus is EPHIN.

Trends last reported on Dec 04.

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