MTA Monitoring Report 08/19/05 - 08/25/05

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Due to a very long duration M3 class event around 0 hr GMT, E1300 tripped SCS 107 at 19:40:20 GMT. (03:40pm EDT, Monday Aug 22). The solar activities were high through Aug 24, and OBSID load was interrupted again at 2005:236:22:38 (Thu. Aug 25). One EPHIN sample after RADMON enable. It seems that a single high EPHIN sample at the time of RADMON enable may be the culprit.

See Science Run Interrupt Page.

Detrended CTI

CTI page was updated. The top panel shows an example of detrended CTI measurements from the front illuminated CCD3 Node 0. The top plot is all data points without any temperature dependency correction. The middle plot is data with the focal temperature equal or colder than -119.7 C, and the integration time longer than 7,000 sec. The bottom plot is all data with the temperature correction.

The values quoted below are temperature factor corrected ones.
Average of ACIS-I CCDs (MnKa) slope 4.433e-9 CTI/day
Detrended slope 7.736e-9 CTI/day

ACIS Warm Pixels

We display all bad pixels showed up in past, and, if any, previously unknown bad pixels appeared in the last 14 days. We also list hot pixels (defined as 1000 above the average of bias background). Warm columns 509-514 are probably due to a computational artificial effect due to boundaries.

ACIS Focal Plane Temperature

SIM Movements

7 TSC moves this period
weekly average time/step 0.00126 s
mission average time/step 0.00136 s



Recent Observations

"Prob" means that there was probably bad time data included in the manual runs. This will probably be corrected in future AP processing.

5934 ACIS-I NONE LimitingWindow OK OK
5722 ACIS-S NONE 87GB1312+5619 OK OK
5554 ACIS-S HETG TheCrabNebula OK /OK OK
5479 ACIS-S NONE A0620-00 OK OK
5640 ACIS-S NONE WGAJ2347+0852 OK OK
6362 ACIS-I NONE LimitingWindow OK OK
6361 ACIS-S NONE CXOM82J095550.2+694047 OK OK


This Week's focus is HRMA Thermal.

Trends last reported on June 02.

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