ACIS Focal Temperature Trend

This page displays ACIS focal temperature trend plots and the difference between the focal temperature and the cold plate temperatures (1crat and 1crbt). The left plot below is the trend plot of the maximum temperature of each day and the right one is the trend plot of the most recent one week.

The bottom plot is one year long trend. You can also display a week-long detail trend plot by clicking a week number at the bottom of the plot.

Note: Since 1crat and 1crbt data oscillate with a 2C range, we took a moving average over 10 data points (about 5 mins) to remove double trending lines.

Daily Max Temperature Since Year 2000 Most Recent One Week Trend

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Year 2019

Move the slider at the bottom of the plot to see the entire year. Or select week # to open a detail plot of the week.

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Last Modified: May 25, 2018