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How to Use the Mosaic Browser

First, you must install the Mosaic software. The software is free. It is available through anonymous ftp from The program is invoked by the xmosaic command.

The first page you see is your home page. Exactly what page this is depends on how the software is configured at your site. No matter what page shows up first, the way Mosaic is used to move around the Web is the same.

A generic Mosaic window is shown in Figure 12 (see What is the World Wide Web?). Below the menu bar, you see a Document Title and a Document URL. The title is just a name given to the page by its creator. The URL (Universal Resource Locator) is an address that tells Mosaic where the page is on the Web. We will not discuss URLs in detail in this article.

Mosaic remembers the sequence of pages you visit. This sequence is called the window history. At the bottom left hand corner of the window there are three buttons that can be used to move between pages in your window history. Back moves you back one page in the history, Forward moves you forward one page, and Home moves you to your home page.

The primary way you move through the World Wide Web is through hypertext links. These are pointers (URLs) to pages stored somewhere on the Web. When you click on a link, the page will be displayed for you. Links are shown in blue or purple on workstation screens, and are underlined in the sample screens in this article.