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Proposal Submission

Diana Worrall summarized the experience of some CfA astronomers with the ASCA proposal submission software, and talked about ASC plans for remote proposal submission. Lynn Cominsky stated that she would find an easy-to-edit LaTeX form satisfactory. Craig Sarazin also wanted files (i.e., a long observing list) to be editable in a simple format, and Jill Bechtold suggested that the ASC look at proposal-submission forms from CTIO, Kitt Peak, and Stewart Observatory. Mike Watson mentioned that the existing ROSAT/ASCA software was 5 years old and, in his opinion, it was time to replace it with something better. The electronic submission of scientific justification was discussed. Illustrations present the principal difficulty. Not everyone has the resources (in particular, hardcopy scanners) to make PostScript files which, if available, are quite large. Several Committee members agreed that the capability for handling, at least some, hardcopy proposals was necessary. The peer review committees would also need to be sent hardcopies.