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Supporting Optical Observations

D. Worrall asked for comments on the ASC proposal to obtain three-color CCD images of deep AXAF fields. This would be done as a service to users and to aid in archival research. The Users' Committee commented that this would probably be useful in connection with lists of sources compiled from archive data but that, all things considered, it was not clear that the effort would be worthwhile. It was recommended that the ASC find out what other surveys might be available in the 1998 time frame and compare the sensitivities of these with the proposed ASC observations.

Simultaneous observations at other wavelengths were considered. The problem in the past has been the requirement for scheduling observations at specific times. It was agreed that the elliptical AXAF orbit should make this problem more tractable as long as only a few time-critical observations are required. It was recommended that the ASC study this issue when the scheduling software is operative, and determine how many time critical observations could be supported.
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