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A. Prestwich presented the ASC plan for storing and disseminating documents, and she demonstrated the current ASC World Wide Web (WWW) homepage. The documents to be generated were listed and the general format described. The Users' Committee approved the plan of storing documents in small sections. They suggested that it would be desirable to use help keys to query documents when working on other tasks, e.g., to find information about the HRC when doing spatial analysis.

The WWW homepage information was shown using the NCSA mosaic and Netscape interfaces. The Users' Committee commented that standard NCSA mosaic has the advantage of being freely available to government sites as well as universities, and that the ASC must make its information available to users who cannot afford to buy commercial software, and have limited system support. The WWW is also sometimes slow.

It was recommended that a statement be included with the list of Users' Committee members saying that they are representatives of the larger community and may be contacted to convey input to the ASC.
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