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Results of ASC User Questionaire

A brief questionaire was sent out on 1 tex2html_wrap_inline914 May 1996. The aims of the questionaire were as follows:

tex2html_wrap_inline916 To expand our database of potential AXAF observers.

tex2html_wrap_inline916 To allow estimation of the resources the ASC will need in order to efficiently handle proposal submission and data distribution.

tex2html_wrap_inline916 To update email addresses ready for incorporation in our AXAF Users Database.

tex2html_wrap_inline916 To update the Newsletter mailing list

The questionaire was sent to the 1437, non-span entries of the SAO ROSAT Science Data Center mailing list. This list includes PROS users, PROS sites and ROSAT Guest Observers worldwide. The questionaire was kept short and simple in order to encourage the maximum number of replies. It posed the following questions:

tex2html_wrap_inline916 If you do not already, would you like to receive the AXAF Newsletter?

tex2html_wrap_inline916 How many AXAF proposals do you anticipate writing in the first round?

tex2html_wrap_inline916 Which of the following media are preferable /acceptable/not acceptable as a medium on which you would wish to receive your AXAF data.

P = preferable; A = Acceptable; N = Not Acceptable

tex2html_wrap_inline916 What computer do you currently use?

tex2html_wrap_inline916 What operating system do you currently use?

tex2html_wrap_inline916 Which WWW browser do you currently use?

tex2html_wrap_inline916 What is your preferred email address?


We received 204 (198 astronomers, 6 libraries) replies to our questionaire and a significant number of email errors due to incorrect or out-dated addresses. Taking into account the number of failed mailings, this return represents tex2html_wrap_inline938 % of those sent.

We are currently developing a multi-purpose database of AXAF users into which the information on correct and failed email addresses will be incorporated. We invite any interested reader who is neither on the Newsletter mailing list nor received a questionaire to send email requesting addition to including their email and regular mail addresses.

We will summarise the results of the questionaire taking each question in turn.

tex2html_wrap_inline916 Newsletter: 195 people replied positively, many of whom were already on the Newsletter mailing list.

tex2html_wrap_inline916 Proposals: 192 replies yielded an average of 2 per person for a total of 366 estimated first round proposals. The minimum number was 0 (11 people) and the maximum 5 (10 people). Based on the results of similar surveys for earlier missions, we expect this to be within a factor of tex2html_wrap_inline944 of the number we will receive.

tex2html_wrap_inline916 Data Distribution Medium: 198 answers to this question were received. Preferences are distributed roughly evenly between media types: CDROM, Tape, network. Within the tape subset, EXABYTE is marginally ahead of DAT.

Medium Preferred Acceptable Not-acc'ble
CDROM 42% 47% 11%
DAT 23% 51% 26%
EXABYTE 18% 63% 19%
FTP 32% 56% 12%

tex2html_wrap_inline916 Computer Equipment: 194 replies here show that SUN computer users dominate with only 40 users (21%) having no access to a SUN. Of these, 11 use PCs of various kinds and 29 use Dec/Vax machines.

Computer OS # Users Comments
SUN tex2html_wrap_inline950 Solaris 94
SUN tex2html_wrap_inline950 SUN OS 23
Dec/Vax Ultrix 44 15 have SUN access
HP tex2html_wrap_inline954 5
IBM tex2html_wrap_inline954 3
MAC tex2html_wrap_inline954 12

a: 36 OS not specified

b: 11 PC users have no access to Dec/SUN

tex2html_wrap_inline916 WWW Browsers: Netscape is the clear leader in these results.

Netscape Xmosaic Either Total
78% 19% 3% 193

Belinda Wilkes

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Nancy Evans
Thu Oct 24 10:15:04 EDT 1996