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AXAF Help: Important Pointers

tex2html_wrap_inline1652 Please use the HelpDesk form to contact the User Support Group instead of The HelpDesk form sits under the large question mark on the top-level of the ASC web (i.e., at The information entered into the form is dumped into our e-mail database; we can more easily track the open and pending items with this tool. An introduction to the HelpDesk is also available from the FAQ or the HelpDesk form page.

tex2html_wrap_inline1652 For MARX News: the correct address to subscribe to MARX News is the following:

with a line in the body of the e-mail:

subscribe marxnews your_e-mail_address
Please do not send marx_news requests to any other address.

The ASC Newsletter currently appears aproximately once a year. We welcome contributions from readers. This issue has been typeset in TeX, and the version available via the World Wide Web (WWW) has made use of the `latex2html' program by Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds. The editor of `AXAF News' is Nancy Remage Evans.

All ASC personnel may be contacted via E-mail at


Comments on the newsletter, and corrections and additions to the hardcopy mailing list should be sent to

Roy Kilgard
Mon Dec 22 10:05:00 EST 1997