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Conference: The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus

A Symposium of Chandra Science

16 - 18 July, 2001

St. Paul, Minnesota

To mark the second anniversary of Chandra's launch, a 3-day Chandra Science Symposium will be held in July 2001 in St. Paul, Minnesota, as part of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's 113th Annual Meeting.

Entitled ``The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: A Symposium of Chandra Science," this will be the first major international meeting dedicated to the exciting results from Chandra. The program will include all major science areas covered by Chandra observations -- highlighted by invited review talks by noted experts in each area -- and will also include posters.

The Sharp Focus Science Organizing Committee intends the review talks to spotlight new results as well as provide outstanding science questions likely to be addressed by observations from Chandra (and Newton.) The meeting is organized to provide considerable opportunity to interact with colleagues presenting new results.

The ASP Science Symposium, running 16-18 July, will be hosted by the Department of Astronomy at the University of Minnesota and sponsored by the ASP, the University, and the Chandra X-ray Center.

The meeting web site is:

A link exists from the Chandra web site: -- "Sharp Focus"

A nearly-final list of speakers (with titles, where available) is as follows:

Public Lecture:

$\bullet$ H. Tananbaum, SAO

Solar System/Comets:

$\bullet$ J. H. Waite, South West Research Institute

$\bullet$ C. Lisse, STScI, ``Cometary X-rays -- the View After Chandra''


$\bullet$ M. Gagné, West Chester University

$\bullet$ J. Linsky (not yet confirmed), JILA


$\bullet$ S. Balman, Middle East Technical University, ``A Miniature SNR: Classical Nova Persei (1901), GK Per''


$\bullet$ A. Parmar, ESTEC, ``An XMM View of XRBs''

$\bullet$ S. Vrtilek, SAO


$\bullet$ J. Hughes, Rutgers University

$\bullet$ U. Hwang (Cas A), NASA-GSFC/USRA

$\bullet$ J. Hester (Crab), Arizona State University

$\bullet$ L. Rudnick (Cas A), University of Minnesota


$\bullet$ M. Ward, University of Leicester

$\bullet$ A. Prestwich, SAO

AGN and clusters of galaxies:

$\bullet$ P. Nandra, NASA-GSFC/USRA

$\bullet$ S. Mathur, Ohio State University


$\bullet$ G. Hasinger, Astronische Institute, Potsdam

$\bullet$ C. Norman, STScI

$\bullet$ A. Hornschemeier, Pennsylvania State University, ``Recent Results from the Deep Chandra Survey of the HDF-N''


$\bullet$ B. McNamara, Ohio University

$\bullet$ M. Bautz, MIT

Eric M. Schlegel

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