CXC 2004 Science Press Releases

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CXC 2005 Science Press Releases

28 Dec 05 Elsner Earth Chandra Looks Back at the Earth
1 Dec 05FabianPerseus ClusterChandra Proves Black Hole Influence is Far-Reaching
29 Nov 05 Immler SN 1970G NASA Scientists Witness Cosmic Rite of Passage
2 Nov 05 Muno Westerlund 1 Neutron Star Discovered Where Black Hole Was Expected
13 Oct 05 Nayakshin SGR A* Stars Form Surprisingly Close to Milky Way's Black Hole
5 Oct 05 Fox GRB 050709 In a Flash, NASA Helps Solve 35-Year-Old Mystery
22 Sep 05 Hughes Tycho Tycho's Remnant Provides Shocking Evidence for Cosmic Rays
7 July 05 Drake 21 nearby, Sunlike stars NASA's Chandra Neon Discovery Solves Solar Paradox
30 May 05 Strohmayer RX J0806.3+1527 NASA Sees Orbiting Stars Flooding Space with
Gravitational Waves
25 May 05 Bhardwaj Saturn NASA's Chandra Finds that Saturn Reflects X-rays from Sun
10 May 05 Feigelson Orion Planetary Protection: X-ray Super-Flares Aid Formation of "Solar Systems"
28 Apr 05 Karovska Mira "Wonderful" Star Reveals its Hot Nature
19 Apr 05 Safi-Harb G21.5-0.9 Cosmic Shell-Seekers Find a Beauty
6 Apr 05 Alexande Sub-mm galaxies in CDF-N Era of Galaxy and Black Hole Growth Spurt Discovered
22 Mar 05 Liu M74 X-rays Signal Presence of Elusive Intermediate-Mass
Black Hole
2 Mar 05 Elsner Jupiter Chandra Probes High-Voltage Auroras on Jupiter
15 Feb 05 Barger Lockman Hole NASA Observatory Confirms Black Hole Limits
2 Feb 05 Nicastro Mkn 421 Lost and Found: X-ray Telescope Locates Missing Matter
10 Jan 05 Muno Galactic Center X-ray BinariesChandra Finds Evidence for Swarm of Black Holes Near the Galactic Center
5 Jan 05 McNamara MS 0735.6_7421 Most Powerful Eruption in the Universe Discovered
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Megan Watzke CXC 2005 Science Press Releases