Chandra Fellows 2006

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Chandra Fellows 2006

Chandra Fellows for 2006

This year we had a record number of applications for
Chandra Postdoctoral Fellowships. The list of the Fellows for 2006 has just been finalized and is provided below.
Keep an eye on our web pages for information about the Chandra Fellows Symposium (October 2006) and the annual Fellowship competition (proposals due November, 2006).

Table 6 - List of accepted Chandra Fellows for 2006.
PhD Institution
Host Institution
Carlos Badenes
Univ. Politcnica Catalunya
Shane Davis
UC Santa Barbara
Inst. Adv. Studies
Jifeng Liu
Univ. Michigan
Elena Rasia
Univ. Padova
Univ. Michigan
Masahiro Tsujimoto
Kyoto Univ.
Penn State

Nancy Remage Evans