Peer Review Information
Chandra Cycle 18 Peer Review

June 27-July 1, 2016
Hilton Hotel, Logan Airport
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Meeting Agenda

Peer Review Overview

Each panel will include 5-7 panelists, one chair and one deputy chair. We aim for 10 primary and 10 secondary proposals per panel member. The chair will not be given a full load. Proposals will be sent to reviewers 4 weeks prior to the review. We request preliminary grades to be sent electronically to the CXC in advance of the review in order to aid with prioritization during the review itself.

Expected Attendance

Registration is Monday evening for all Reviewers, Deputy Chairs and Chairs and opens again Tuesday morning until the start of Opening Remarks. Pundits are expected to arrive by mid-afternoon Wednesday. There is an optional reception Monday evening in conjunction with registration activities.

 RegisterStart WorkEnd work
ReviewersMonday eveningTuesday morningWednesday evening
Deputy ChairsMonday eveningTuesday morningThursday afternoon
ChairsMonday eveningTuesday morningFriday noon
PunditsWednesdayWednesday eveningFriday noon

Processing your Attendance

  1. Submit your preferences for lodging, travel, proposals (etc.) via the RWS (login on this page).
  2. You will be emailed forms to complete and return to the CXC.
  3. After paperwork is processed by the CXC, you will be sent a proposed travel itinerary to confirm.
  4. A reimbursement voucher is prepared for your signature at the Review.

There are a number of details and exceptions to these process steps. More information will be provided in separate pages linked below.

On-site Support

Hotel Floor Plan with Offices and Panel Rooms marked

Important Dates and Times

Reimbursement Information

Note that if you require reimbursement, the deadline for you to submit receipts is 13 July 2015.

The above are identified according to Category of Traveler.

Travel Information

Travel Arrangements

For best results please submit your travel requests before April 10, 2015.

If you are visiting Boston for an extended period that includes the peer review, we are happy to book your Boston travel as you require, as far as possible within the government rules. However, please be advised that we cannot finance your per diem or hotel expenses beyond those dates directly required by your attendance at the peer review.

Please note that, as the review dates approach and we have not heard from you on your preferred itinerary, we will send you an initial, trial itinerary for your perusal. Please take a look and let us know of any changes, we will be happy to update it to fit your requirements, as far as possible within the government rules.

Lodging Information

Hotel Information and Directions

Review Instructions and Information

Proposal and Technical information for Reviewers