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The Panel Access Site (PAS) is the main access point for all reviewers (including Chairs, Deputy Chair and Pundits) to access proposals, technical reviews and conflicts, and to enter grades and write final reports about each proposal.

The PAS comes in three “states”:

  1. The Preliminary state which is the website as reviewers see it before the Review itself in Boston.
  2. The Peer Review state which is the website that is accessible during the Review itself.
  3. The BPP state which is the website that is accessible to chairs and pundits during the BPP session and for a short time after the Review.

The PAS is switched over to the Peer Review state at 8am (EDT) on the Tuesday of the Review week.

All states of the PAS are accessed via the button “Edit Reports/Grades, Access Proposals”  on your Reviewer Home Page.

Preliminary Reports


Peer Review Reports

The PAS will be switched over to the "Peer Review" state at 8am (EDT) on the Tuesday of the Review.

To Complete a Peer Review Report:

  1. Preliminary primary and secondary reports are merged by the PAS into a draft "Peer Review" report.
  2. The draft Peer Review report is reviewed and edited:
    • Primary Reviewer completes all elements of the report form and updates the merged text according to any guidelines they are given.
    • Secondary Reviewer adds their "input" via the notes section of the Report form.
  3. Primary Reviewer incorporates Secondary Reviewer input into the edited Report.
  4. Primary Reviewer clicks on the "Completed" button at the top of each Report.
  5. Deputy Chair reviews all panel reports once they are marked "completed by Reviewer".
  6. Deputy Chair approves reports by clicking the "Completed" button at the top of a report.
  7. Proposal is now "completed by Panel" in the Deputy Chair Reports status list.


Guidelines on report content:

The initial draft of the Peer Review Reports contain a merge of all preliminary primary and secondary reports. The primary reviewers should modify the report to include the intellectual content of the preliminary pre-review reports, to incorporate the panel’s consensus, any additional comments (unapproved target decisions, joint time, observing mode recommendations etc.), set the required flags and to justify the grade assigned to the proposal.

It should be noted in the report whether or not a proposal which includes constraint preferences can be successful if the preference is not met.

If the proposal is not recommended for approval, it is very important to indicate why it was not ranked higher. If the proposal is recommended, any recommended modifications should be stated clearly.

Secondary reviewers may send comments to the primary reviewer via a field in the reports form (the presence of comments is signaled by a yellow dot next to proposal number in the proposal list).

Interaction between the primary reviewer and the Deputy Chair, who provides the final panel approval, is recommended before departure from the Review.

Locked Reports at the Review

If a proposal report gets into a "locked" state, that means that either someone has the report open, or someone navigated away from an open report without using the "back" link.

If the lock is unintentional, the 'owner' of the lock should navigate to the report, then use the "back" link in the upper left corner to return to the PAS home page. That should clear out the lock.

If the person who 'owns' the lock is unavailable, then Deputy Chairs, Chairs, CDO and Facilitators have permissions to "unlock" a proposal in this state.

PAS Contents

Technical Notes regarding the Reports:

  1. To protect confidentiality there is a 30 minute timeout on editing a report if it is not actively worked on.
  2. Reports are locked while they are being edited.
  3. The HELP button on the top right corner has detailed information about each Report page.

Preliminary State

The Preliminary Version of the PAS provides access to the following:

Peer Review State

The Peer Review Version of the PAS provides access to the following:

Large Project (LP) Reports: Big Project Panel (BPP) Reports

Preliminary Reports

LP proposals are placed into two different Review topical panels (conflicts allowing), and are read by the Pundits, who provide a preliminary report to the topical panels.

Final Panel Reports

Each topical panel reviewing the BPP proposal will produce a Final Report that is signed-off by the deputy chair of the respective panels.

BPP Preliminary Reports

The Final Reports of the topical panels are considered the input for the Preliminary Reports for the proposal within the Big Project Panel. The pundit report is available for reading and may be incorporated into the final report.

BPP Final Reports

The preliminary reports are combined into one report and are available to BPP members Thursday morning. They should be updated and "Completed" by BPP members as assigned during the meeting after incorporating the outcome of the BPP discussion and the final decisions. The BPP Reports will be available online for 1-2 weeks following the review to allow completion of this task.

The PAS Contents (BPP Version)