Chandra Observations Processing Status Reports

The Processing Status Tool enables users to create customized reports on the processing status of Chandra observations.

The physical format of the reports may be regular HTML, tab-delimited ASCII, or RDB.

The content format of the reports may be chosen from a set of standard reports or may be arbitrarily customized.  For a description of all status fields and information on what is included in the standard reports, see the  Chandra Observations Processing Status Fields page.

Where appropriate, links are made to V&V reports if they exist.

The observations to be included in the reports may be selected by specifying Selection Criteria for up to nine particular fields. The default for all selection criteria is "all selected".

"Order By" allows the user to order (sort) observations in the report by particular fields.  One can use up to 3 ordering criteria.  Default is  ("Obs Date", "None", "None").