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What's New in Cycle 19

Call for Very Large Programs (VLPs)

Proposals requesting new Chandra observations requiring greater than 1 Ms of observing time and designated as such by the PI. See Section 4.2 of the CfP for details.

Expanded Joint Programs

The Chandra joint programs with Hubble, XMM-Newton and NuSTAR have expanded to facilitate large joint programs. The Chandra peer review can now award up to 250 HST orbits (with 150 reserved for Chandra LP or VLP programs), up to 1 Msec of XMM-Newton time (with 600 ksec reserved for V/LPs), and up to 1 Msec of NuSTAR observing time (with 500 ksec reserved for V/LPs). The maximum Chandra award of Swift time has been increased to 500 ksec. Full details in Chapter 5 of the CfP.

Joint Contingent Large Projects (JCLPs)

Due to the expansion of joint programs described above, the JCLPs, which were designed to facilitate large joint programs, are no longer offered.

Use of Plagiarism software

The Science Justifications (SJs) of all proposals submitted in response to this CfP will be screened using software designed to detect plagiarized text. Proposals found to contain plagiarized text will be rejected. See Section 3.5 of the CfP for details.

Expanded Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) Program

Starting 16 December 2016 the DDT program will accept proposals for urgent non-transient science and will require a 1-page science justification to be uploaded electronically via RPS (see Chapter 6 of the CfP). The time available for the DDT program will increase from 700 ks to 1 Msec in Cycle 19.

Monitor Preferences/Split Targets

In the Cycle 19 RPS it is possible for a proposer to express a preference for a target to be split into more than one observation (or "visit"). This is also referred to as a "Monitor Preference". More details given in

The funding available for Archive programs is increased from $1,050K to approximately $1,500K.

Cycle 19 Timeline and Accept/Reject Emails

The approved target list is expected to be released by July 17 2017. In previous Cycles the accept/reject emails have been sent in Aug. In Cycle 19 we anticipate that the accept/reject emails (including peer review comments but not the allocated budget) will be mailed within a week of the target list being posted. Stage 2 emails (with the allocated budget) will be mailed in early August. Cycle 19 accept/reject emails will be sent to all CoIs listed on the RPS forms.

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