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Chandra Early-Type Galaxy Atlas

The hot gaseous halos in early type galaxies play a crucial role in understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies. Structural features of the hot ISM identified by Chandra (including jets, cavities, cold fronts, filaments and tails) point to key evolutionary mechanisms, e.g., AGN feedback, merging history, accretion/stripping and star formation and its quenching. In this Chandra Galaxy Atlas project, we systematically analyze the archival Chandra data of 70 ETGs to study the hot ISM. Taking full advantage of the Chandra capabilities, we derive uniform data products of spatially resolved datasets with additional spectral information. We make these products publicly available and use them for our focused science goals.

We use both ACIS-I and ACIS-S imaging observations with no grating. We limit the minimum exposure time at 10 ksec. For ACIS-I observations, we use data from the four front-illuminated chips, I0-I3 (CCDID=0-3), while for ACIS-S, we use data from the back-illuminated chip, S3 (CCDID=7) where the target lies and from the front-illuminated chip, S2 (CCDID=6) where the extended diffuse emission is often visible.

CGA (Chandra Galaxy Atlas)

The full description of this atlas can be found in Kim et al. 2019
CGA Sample Galaxies html pdf
Individual Chandra Observations html pdf
Global Properties of Hot ISM html pdf
Total Luminosity and Temperature of Hot ISM html pdf
Overview of of the data Analysis Workflows pdf

NGA (XMM-Newton Galaxy Atlas)

Link to NGA

Einstein Galaxy Atlas

Fabbiano, Kim & Trinchieri 1992


The Chanda Galaxy Atlas is maintained by the CGA team.
Dong-Woo Kim, Craig Anderson, Doug Burke, Raffaele D'Abrusco, Giuseppina Fabbiano, Antonella Fruscione, Jennifer L. Lauer, Michael McCollough, Doug Morgan, Amy Mossman, Ewan O'Sullivan, Alessandro Paggi, Ginevra Trinchieri, Saeqa Vrtilek.
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Traynor et al. 2018 (AAS poster) What Can The Temperature Profiles of Hot Halos Tell Us?
Vrtilek et al. 2018 (Chandra Workship poster) Identifying the nature of point sources in external galaxies
Kim et al. 2017 (AAS HEAD poster) Chandra Early-Type Galaxy Atlas

Chandra Galaxy Atlas
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