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Chandra Electronic Bulletin No. 6

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Chandra      |             CC     XX XX    OO OO          | CXC
Electronic   |            CC       XXX    OO   OO         | Number 6
Bulletin     |             CC     XX XX    OO OO          | August
             |              CCC  XX   XX    OOO           | 2001
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Welcome to the Chandra X-ray Center's Electronic News Bulletin Number 6.

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1.  3nd Chandra/CIAO Workshop: First Announcement

2.  Special Call for Archival research for 
           isolated neutron star: RXJ185635-3754  

3.  Contact Scientists


Item 1.
           First Announcment
        3nd Chandra/CIAO Workshop
        November 5-6-7 2001
   Chandra X-ray Center, Cambridge Mass, USA

Following the success of the previous Chandra/CIAO workshops, the
Chandra X-Ray  Center (CXC) is announcing the third in a series of
workshops aimed at helping users to work with the Chandra Interactive
Analysis of Observations (CIAO) software.

CIAO is the CXC software developed for the analysis of Chandra data.
However, CIAO is non-mission specific (apart from a few instrument
tools). More info on CIAO can be found at:

This workshop will be based on CIAO 2.2 scheduled to be released in the
fall 2001: a preview of the new features in the CIAO2.2 software can be
found at:


The third workshop will be held at the Center for Astrophysics in
Cambridge, MA (USA) on November 5-7, 2001.

A fourth workshop is planned for the spring of 2002 and will be
announced at a later  date. Further workshops will be organized
depending on demand.

Details of the program will be sent to registered participants and
posted on  the CIAO workshop Web site at

The program will include:
 - Introductory talks on X-ray Data Analysis, 
 - Calibration and Aspect Issues Related to Data Analysis
 - Beginner CIAO talks and demos 
 - Advanced sessions on specific topics, e.g. grating analysis, 
        extended source analysis, etc.
 - workstations will be available for participants to 
gain hands-on experience using CIAO on Chandra
 - members of the CIAO team will be on hand to solve problems.

Sample Chandra data sets will be provided for attendees who do not
have (or do not wish to  use) their own Chandra data sets.

Potential participants may look at all the handouts made available to
the  participants during the first and second workshops, together with
viewgraphs and scripts from talks and demos, on the workshop Web site.

We are working to allow the largest possible attendance and we are
expecting to accept the first 25 to 30 registered participants (maybe
a few more).
All  participants excluded for this third workshop will be automatically
enrolled in the following one, unless they indicate otherwise.

If you would like to participate please cut the following registration
form and send it to

Antonella Fruscione and the CIAO workshop organizing team

-------------CUT HERE AND SEND TO

Name :

Institution :

E-mail address :

Telephone number :

Have you ever analysed X-ray data before?  
  Einstein ___
  ASCA  SIS___ GIS___

If yes, what software did you use the most?

Have you used CIAO before?

What kind of data analysis are you most interested in learning 
(e.g. source detection in deep-fields, grating analysis of stars,
grating analysis of AGNs, imaging spectroscopy of extented sources,

Would you like to analyse your own Chandra data 
(if yes please specify obsid)?

Are you willing to come to the workshop in the spring of 2002 if
in November is not possible?


Item 2:

Special Call for Archival research
for isolated neutron star: RXJ185635-3754

The Chandra X-ray Center (CXC), on behalf of NASA, has released a letter 
to inform the community of the impending availability of data and to
solicit proposals from individuals or groups
interested in obtaining funding for archival research
on the forthcoming observation of the nearby isolated
neutron star: RXJ185635-3754.

Further information can be found on the CXC web pages at



Item 3

Contact Scientists

The Chandra X-ray Center (CXC) would like to remind Cycle 3 observers, 
particularly those who are new Chandra GOs, of the availibility of our Helpdesk
(link at the bottom of the CXC web page: cxc.harvard.edu/helpdesk/) to provide 
assistance with any aspect of their observations. In addition it is possible 
to request assignment of a contact scientist if GOs have expected or unexpected
difficulties with their data analysis (see CXC website at: 

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