Chandra's Exceptional Performance Amid Proposed Budget Reductions

The Chandra X-ray Observatory is operating with exceptionally high efficiency and continues to revolutionize our understanding of the universe and our place in it, including capturing spectacular images of exploded stars, black hole eruptions and other exotic phenomena. While all spacecraft experience degradations, particularly after being in space for nearly 25 years like Chandra has, Chandra scientists and engineers have continued creating solutions to these challenges, an achievement that has been recognized by NASA and independent review panels. This has been done essentially without any increased costs to NASA. Chandra is the only current or planned telescope for many years that has the sharp X-ray vision needed to answer many fundamental questions in astrophysics.

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A Letter to the Community

Celebrating 25 Years of Chandra

CUC Statement on NASA APD Decision to Cut Chandra Funding

A new statement by the Chandra Users’ Committee (CUC) regarding the NASA Astrophysics Division Decision to Cut Chandra Funding has been posted on the CUC website.


Special Publications for Chandra’s Anniversary

Please be advised that neither the Chandra X-Ray Center nor NASA are affiliated with any publications or special journal editions celebrating the "25th Anniversary of Chandra and XMM-Newton." Any such publications are produced independently and without the involvement of the Chandra X-Ray Center.


Chandra Source Catalog Release 2.1 — The 22-year Source Catalog

Release 2.1 of the Chandra Source Catalog (CSC 2.1) is now available. The catalog covers roughly 730 square degrees of sky and contains 407,806 unique X-ray sources.

See the full announcement for more detail.