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03/15/23 In light of recent weather events, we are offering a 24-hr extension to proposers who can document that power outages have impacted their ability to submit their proposal by the deadline. Please contact the HelpDesk for more information.

1/31/23 There will be a data release from the eROSITA-DE collaboration this May 2023, covering half the sky. Chandra proposers are advised to investigate the potential impacts of the availability of these eROSITA data on their proposed Chandra science. See the Full Announcement.

12/15/22 The Cycle 25 deadline is 15 March 2023 at 6pm (EDT).

12/15/22 Cycle 25 CfP and POG released. See What's New this Cycle?

12/15/22 New Documentation is available containing guidance about avoiding non-compliant dual anonymous proposals.

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