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AHELP for CIAO 4.16


Context: proposaltools


Defines available calendars and timescales for command line versions of Chandra Proposal Tools


The default timescale types in DATES are:

Timescale     Timescale Type
 TT         Terrestrial Time
 UTC        Civil Time
 TDB        Dynamical Time
 TAI        Atomic Time
 UT1        UT1 Time
 GMST       Sidereal Time
 LST        Local Siderial Time
with additional timescales defined as offsets to UTC:

Timescale    Timescale Name          Type      Zone Par   Zone
 Local  Zone +0000                 Civil Time         0   +0000
  MST   Moscow Summer Time         Civil Time     14400   +0400
  DMV   Moscow Decree Time         Civil Time     10800   +0300
  BST   British Summer Time        Civil Time      3600   +0100
  GMT   Greenwich Mean Time        Civil Time         0   +0000
  EDT   Eastern Daylight Time      Civil Time    -14400   -0400
  EST   Eastern Standard Time      Civil Time    -18000   -0500
  CDT   Central Daylight Time      Civil Time    -18000   -0500
  CST   Central Standard Time      Civil Time    -21600   -0600
  MDT   Mountain Daylight Time     Civil Time    -21600   -0600
  MST   Mountain Standard Time     Civil Time    -25200   -0700
  PDT   Pacific Daylight Time      Civil Time    -25200   -0700
  PST   Pacific Standard Time      Civil Time    -28800   -0800
The supported calendar types are:
  Calendar   Calendar Name              Type
  GREG	     Gregorian date             Gregorian Calendar
  JD	     Julian Day                 Julian Day Number
  MJD	     Modified Julian Day        Julian Day Number
  DAYS	     JD - 2450814.5             Julian Day Number
  DATE	     Date		        Gregorian Calendar  
  PACK	     Packed date                Gregorian Calendar
  DOY	     Day of year                Gregorian Calendar
  OS	     Julian Calendar            Julian Calendar
  ROMAN	     Roman calendar             Roman Calendar
  RF	     French Rev. Calendar       French Revolutionary Cal
  GSD	     Greenwich Sidereal Date    Greenwich Sidereal Date
  GST	     Greenwich Sidereal Time    Greenwich Sidereal Date
  TIME	     TIME(JD 2450814.5)         Elapsed Seconds
  JEPOCH     Julian Epoch               Epoch
  BEPOCH     Besselian Epoch            Epoch

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