Last modified: December 2019

AHELP for CIAO 4.16


Context: contrib


Useful Python routines for CIAO.


import ciao_contrib.all
from ciao_contrib.all import *


The ciao_contrib package provides useful routines for CIAO users, and is provided as part of the CIAO contributed scripts package.

Loading the routines

The module can be loaded into Python (either a script or an interactive envrionment like Sherpa or IPython) with:

from ciao_contrib.all import *

This will load in all the modules that are part of this package; this is currently:

Module Description
ciao_contrib.caldb Utility routines related to the CIAO CALDB
ciao_contrib.smooth Simple smoothing routines for image data
ciao_contrib.stacklib Expand out a CIAO stack value into an array of values
ciao_contrib.region.all Routines for handling CIAO region files
ciao_contrib.utils Utility routines for CIAO
crates_contrib.all Crates routines
sherpa_contrib.all Sherpa routines

What is not loaded

The ciao_contrib.runtool module is not loaded as part of ciao_contrib, since it provides a large number of routines. This module must be imported directly.

See the ahelp files for the individual packages and the contributed scripts page for further information.

Changes in the December 2019 release

The chips_contrib.all module has been removed from the contributed package, so is no longer imported by this module.

Changes in the October 2011 release

DS9 contour files

The add_ds9_contours() ahd read_ds9_contours() routines have been added to the chips_contrib.utils and crates_contrib.utils modules respectively; they provide basic support for plotting and reading in the *.con contour files created by DS9.

Simple coordinate conversion

The SimpleCoordTransform class has been added to the crates_contrib.utils module to simplify converting between the coordinate systems of an image.

Changes in the July 2011 release

runtool changes

The ciao_contrib.runtool module has been updated to include the new fluximage script, support setting parameters with an array, better handling of long parameter values, and minor improvements to the set_pfiles() and new_pfiles_environment() routines.

New module

The ciao_contrib.stacklib module has been added.

Changes in the February 2011 release

runtool changes

The ciao_contrib.runtool module has been updated to handle ardlib parameter names which contain a "-".

Changes in the December 2010 release

Module name change

To load in all the CIAO contributed modules you now have to say one of

import ciao_contrib.all
from ciao_contrib.all import *

rather than

import ciao_contrib
from ciao_contrib import *

which now no longer loads in any code.


See the bugs pages for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

Refer to the CIAO bug pages for an up-to-date listing of known issues.